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I could see two side with a family . One side is when all family members get together for a cause & show unity to fight something . Other side is when these family members fight each other at some circumstances of their life . I am talking about serious arguments . Sometimes , such fights become extremely dangerous , as a result of which we get to know through next day newspaper that blood killed blood . There are many cases of the world everyday , when a family member harms another family member . The reason maybe anything , it could be a property dispute or other issues . Such incidents may not happen to every part of the world . But , still in many parts of the world , it’s quite a general thing these days .


Main Cause

As i observed , the root cause behind most of the blood killing is ‘quick temperament’ . The reason for this temperament is the jealousy . When a person jealous of another person for a long time it becomes a serious problem . So , we have to work upon to get rid of jealousy from our life in order to live a peaceful and harmonious life because nature doesn’t teach us jealous of each other . Nature teaches us to live together peacefully . What more bad could we expect than violence in blood relations . Somebody rightly said that charity begins at home . The basic meaning of this phrase could be something else but we could connect it with our blog . As charity begins at home , same way , we must start the journey of peace from home , from family by respecting our blood .

How to Fix

To get rid of this problem , we all have to be in the habit of ignoring small benefits or personal benefits and focus on large or social benefits . By saying large benefits , I mean to say long-term benefits which are connected to society . Imagine , you are having dispute with your brother over property . Now , I don’t say here that you just solve the dispute by giving property to your brother as a gift . You could do this if you willing fully wants to do so because charity has its own importance . But if you want to struggle to get back the property on which you’ve your part of share . I don’t say you don’t struggle to get it .

But , at the same time you must obey your blood , I mean your brother . You couldn’t forget that he is the another part of same blood as you . You have a blood connection with him . Here , there are two scenarios , one is blood relation and other is struggle to take your right back . Now it’s your duty to make balance in both things in such a way that you solve this matter without violence . Find out the most harmonious methods , if first method doesn’t work go for second , then go for the third & so on . Same way , you could go one step further .

Above , I talked about blood relation but you could follow the same method of peaceful and prosperity in your social relation as well . Everybody of this world comes under social relation to you because they have the same body parts , they breathe like you , They live like you . This way , you could imagine the most beautiful world of your wish . You would be more happy that you contribute something to make such a world .


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