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In this blog I’m not gonna give you any direct learning. I am gonna share my experience, which i had recently. After this blog you yourself think out different points of your understanding, it could be positive or negative. The only thing which I could say in the form of my analysis of the blog is that happiness isn’t sure with richness/money. If you are seeking money for the sake of happiness, i am sorry but you have to search for another ways in order to get happiness in life. Guys, recently i visited a few airports. One common thing which i find in all airports is something negative. Let me discuss it below in the form of this blog.

My Experience

Recently, I had a trip along with my friends, for quite a few times we arrived at or departed from different airports (Domestic/International Terminals). I observed so many things on airport, at a time when i was waiting for my friends on an international terminal, i was looking at people, i was just observing them to pass my time. People were coming and going across me, few were in groups, some was alone. Disturbing thing for me was that everybody was looking so sad. They were having dull faces, they might not be sad but they were not happy as well.

There might be people that had a reason to be sad because when it comes to mass people, there is all sorts of people in it, some maybe flying for their business purposes, some may be going for any happiness, some maybe for anything not good/sad or somebody just for having fun & relax on trips. So, there is a possibility of all kinds of people at airport. But what do we say when all are looking sad or having no excitement. I don’t say that a person should dance at airport but there must be a little smile on  faces and it’s not only about the airport. It’s about all public places reason maybe anything but the truth is that the smile has lost now.


Why is it a matter of concern –
A place of attractive stuff

I am more worried because people are looking sad at a place where the most attractive things are being placed. You see on most of the airports the antique pieces of paintings, wall designs, flooring, flowers, vintage models, modern charisma and other world class things are placed. People often say that when you see attractive things you feel happy but the situation is different here. So why do people looks so worried and sad at Airports, why don’t they genuinely smile.

I could see quite a few smile faces on airports but most of them seem fake. The truth is any person that has the art to be happy & stay happy and healthy in their life could be seen genuinely happy on airports as well. If you are happy with your life, you look happy at airports or vice versa. By saying so, could we also say that our world has become more sadder than happy in recent times.

Different people come n go

People often say that when you are with people of different demographics and cultures you don’t feel bore and sad easily. But as far as an airport is concerned this saying is going wrong. I don’t see a better place than an Airport when it comes to different cultures and demographics. Every day millions of people cross through airports, they see each other many times. They may not understand each other languages but they  have connection with their emotions. So, when at Airports, people look sad, it says that there is something wrong with our society/world. We might not be grown in the way we should have grown. Reason maybe anything but the truth is that the happiness has lost somewhere and privacy is capturing the space of social happiness.


Airports efforts 

Efforts are being made by few countries in order to bring more happiness on airports. The recent example is a press release of Abu Dhabi Airports, which they released couple of months back. In this press release Abu Dhabi Airports are recruiting customer happiness ambassadors. They have clearly shown their mission which is ‘to promote a lifestyle of happiness and positivity on airports’. Now I could assume that somewhere they feel the lack of happiness at airports. You could find the press release by clicking on:

Abu Dhabi Airports Recruits Customer Happiness Ambassadors

(Source: Abu Dhabi Airports official website )

Concluding Part

I could get two learnings out of this, first is that richness doesn’t mean happiness. Airports are seemed to associate with the rich people because you have to pay a good amount in order to fly. You could often see celebrities, billionaires at airports. So, it is again proving that you couldn’t buy happiness. My second learning is that in order to be happy, you have to stay happy everywhere. It could be your Home, Office, Market, Parks, Airports just everywhere, there is no shortcut. Happiness is an art & you’ve to learn this art to be happy with your life. All along i am leaving you with a serious question that where does the happiness gone ?


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