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There are so many seasons in a year . Every country in this world is not that fortunate to experience all seasons . Few countries are having only one season in the year . Whereas few are having only 2 or 3 & so on . Every season has its own importance and quality . God has made seasons in order to balance this world . The time period of a particular season changes from state to state . It doesn’t matter that which season stays for what time for a particular place , it is always important for that place in order to make balance of nature . But the problem arises when we start looking at the seasons as our problems . Sometimes , we forget the base importance of season & starts blaming it .

The Problem

You would agree if I say that the problem is not a problem until unless we consider it as a problem . Same view applies here , imagine , if it is rainy season and you have to go out . At first reaction you would probably don’t like rain because it is spoiling your plan to go out . You would feel sad and blame God somewhere that why did you allow rain at this time . You your self make it a problem by thinking it in a negative way . But what if when you take its opposite side and feel positive . When you start thinking the value of rain to society . This time you feel that rain is important to agricultural sector . There are many crops , which you couldn’t imagine without rainy season .


Our Idea

Our idea is simple , just try to think more of positives of any season . Imagine , You are walking on the road in a dense fog . One way is to think that you are feeling cold , you are shivering & not able to see much because it’s all foggy all around . Other way is to think all the positives and feel all the positives . When you stop for a moment , close your eyes and try to feel & smell fog . You would get natural and extremely good smell which is going to make you happy . You would get a true kick of nature . When your mind would be focused on good things , Your half of the problems like feeling cold and shivering would fly away . This is how our mind functions , whichever thought would dominate our mind for more time , our future is going to affect from it .

At the same time , I want to mention one more thing that I don’t say that no one enjoys season . There are many people that already enjoy and understand this thing . But I am talking about those who get so busy with their life , with their work , that they don’t get a single minute to even think about nature . We must get few minutes every day to feel nature . Even if your work & other urgency of life doesn’t allow you to get free time , then at least do it on weekends or whenever you get time . Just try to feel it and enjoy it because it has direct connection with your mind and body . Once your mind is peaceful and cool , Your body is going to be perfect .


Concluding Part

Therefore , You could take these seasons as a stress buster as well . You feel it and your all worries are set to go away . Although , I admit that there are places in the world , where season is actually a problem , a serious problem as far as human beings are concerned . at the same time , I would say that it’s human being that keep capturing the space of nature . This way , It’s not the mistake of nature , its mistake of human beings . Reason may be anything but it is the bitter truth that we are spoiling nature someway or the other way and we are very much aware about it as well .

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