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Everybody has to take sufficient sleep according to their physical and mental condition and according to age as well. Sleep is one of the human need like food and breathe. It is one of the few things which we all have to take and in limits irrespective of our financial conditions. If a person is rich it doesn’t mean that he could take few hours less or more sleep under the influence of richness. We couldn’t force any influence on it. In general, health experts recommend 6 to 8 hours sleep a day and it differs age wise. There are few processes in the world by which we could reduce it to 5 hours a day.

You might have heard that super busy people of the earth take sleep between 4 to 5 hours a day. It may be possible with the help of few processes / techniques of lifestyle. Which would make a habit of less hours sleep in our system. But generally we could say that 6 to 8 hours are a must for sleep for anybody in the world. If anybody would ask you that what is the most common thing in every human being on earth regardless of wealth, culture, behaviour, religion and so on. You could politely answer him that the one common thing is sleep because it’s a human need. There is a night system in the universe so that we could take our sleep.

Magic of Sleep

When I say magic of sleep it could be in both ways, positively and negatively. It’s upon you how you use it in your life. If you wanna get positive results out of your sleep, you could use the magic positively or otherwise. This magic could work both ways. It could construct you and it could destruct you as well, better you know the functioning of sleep. You could go through the technical functioning on Internet. There are many articles/blogs available there. What I’m gonna talk about is the magic of sleep that how could it be constructive or destructive for you.


Simple Experiment

You yourself could experience the positive and negative magic of sleep. What all you have to do is go through a simple process and it could take mere two nights. So, first of all I’m going to tell you how could you experience negative magic of it. To get the  negative experience of sleep you just disturb your sleep routine. It’s like if you go to bed at 10 o’clock in the night you make it delay by 5-6 hours and go to bed somewhere near 3 or 4 Am.

Next day, force yourself to get up around seven or 8 o’clock. Then, start your daily routine, finish your morning task, go to work, then come back home same as any usual day. After coming back home, you would realise that you didn’t enjoy your day in the way you used to enjoy it. You just didn’t get interest in doing any task the entire day because your sleep is disturbed now. I guess you got the reason for it guys. It’s because you didn’t take required sleep of at least six hours.

Ayurveda Matters

There is another angle to sleeping guys. Ayurveda says, you couldn’t remain drowsing after sunrise in the morning. If you do so, it would impact negatively on your health & this a completely logical & scientific. Let’s say you go to bed at 3 AM in the morning and take sleep of seven hours and get up at 10 AM. Saying of timing, you’ve already taken seven hours sleeping which is good according to health experts. But, you got up after sunrise which is not good according to Ayurveda. So, if you want perfect health & life, you must take seven hours of sleep and get up early in the morning or before sunrise. This is our positive magic of sleeping. Try to experience it another night & feel the difference.


A concern for youth

As far as our youth is concerned, specially student wing of college and universities. Speaking of their sleeping habits, most of them are addicted to remain awake late night. So, if they get up early before sunrise it means there 7 to 8 hours isn’t completed or if they complete this, it means they are getting up after sunrise.

So, in both cases they are playing with their health and they are gonna pay for it in their life because health is wealth and through our youth we are gonna pay this. I know the importance of study, the projects and assignments work, for which a student needs to wake up late in the night. But we couldn’t ignore the negative impact of it. My idea is to just bring this issue in notice of you. So, we all manage our life in such a way that it would harm us to none.



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