How to Prevent Suicide

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At present time, suicide has become a normal thing & it’s not a sign of prosperous society. According to WHO, in every 40 seconds one suicide happens in the world. Being a progressive society, how could we afford that our own people have to kill themselves. Reason may be anything but it’s true that suicidal feelings are increasing in our society. How to prevent suicide is the burning question today.

Suicide is not limited to any age group or profession or gender. It is quite common in almost every profession, be it a businessman, an employee, labour, lawyer, farmer or anyone. The worst part is that it has become very common in students as well. Students of age 12-13 or of 8th standard, 10th standard don’t feel fear for suicide at all. How could we afford this that someone who has not even come into his mature age & think and decide to kill himself. #Depression and Suicide

After every big exam results, we see there are suicides from the candidates all around the world. It doesn’t mean that only those students who are poor in study go for suicide. In many cases there are students who are very good at acadamics but due to something they decide to end it all. On the other side, there are successful businessmen, who are millionaires, go for suicide. So from here, we could say that if you are poor financially or if you are poor in studies, it’s not the prime reason for suicide every time. Now, the question comes that what leads to suicide or what’s behind the giant of suicide & how to prevent suicide.


What’s behind Suicide

Stress is the main cause of any suicide and stress doesn’t ask you that who you are, where you belong to, what is your financial condition, what is your age, what is your profession, and so on. Stress comes with situation and situation depends on circumstances. When it is negative situation and your mind take it as negative for a long time it becomes a stress for you and when stress stays for long time, it converts into depression and when depression stays for long time, suicidal feelings are common. 


How to Prevent Suicide - Motivation N You


Here, the root cause for a suicide is stress elements. It’s not about the big stress, it’s about the small stress elements which we deal in our day to day life. Small stress elements come very easily. It’s like you get late for your office you get a little stress, when your boss talk to you rudely you get stress. Imagine, you are a student & get low marks in your exam you get stress, whenever we feel that we are failed in something or we are degraded somewhere by someone or by the situation we get stress very easily.

This is a common thing in day to day life. But if we deal with these small stress elements in perfect way and don’t give any room to stress particles to stay long in our life, when we know that how to run our mind to deal with stress, we win, otherwise if it stays long it is going to make a negative impact in our life. Let’s know about the approaches for ‘how to prevent suicide’.


How to Prevent Suicide

Approach 1 –

In this approach, you have to detect the stress thought which comes in your mind. Just be attentive and whenever you get any stress thought, you have to do something to remove it immediately from your mind. How could you do this, it is not a physical task, it’s all your mind game. You could do this by bringing exact opposite thought of that stress thought. Obviously, if it is a stress thought, it must be a negative thought for you. So, to cut a negative thought you have to bring positive thought which is related to that negative thought.

Once you do that, you slowly go towards a relaxed mind, which leads to peace and harmony of life. This is all practical task and you would get its result by practising it again and again. It’s not a one time task, you have to do it continuously to get ultimate results.

Once you would be able to control small stress of your life that how to convert a stress into a positive thought, into a happiness, then you are going to bring down any stress of your life, be it a small stress or even a big stress. When a big stress would come in your way, you would find it very easy to tackle on because you are aware with this. You’ve practiced it so many times to tackle with stress elements in your mind. Once you would get expertise in this process, you are going to win over any stress of your life.


For eg.

Imagine, you are not getting promotion for long time and now you’ve become so depressed and stressfull. Whenever you think about your promotion, you start overthinking and do nothing. Which bring lots of stress in your mind and hamper your work somewhere. This is one scenario which leads to stress. In order to remove these stress elements in your mind, you have to bring scenario 2, which is completely opposite of scenario 1.

In scenario 2, you have to think positively that what if I don’t get promotion yet, but there must be some reason. You start introspecting yourself that where did you lack, what was the main issue. In conclusion, if you still find that you did everything fine but due to some office politics you didn’t get promotion. Then, you could go for another options like to change that company or something else but not to be in stress by just over thinking it & most important, leaving your karma.


Approach 2 –

In approach 2, you’ve to believe on few principles of life & these are actually universal principles, which are mentioned in many holy books of human beings.


1. Everything Happens for Good

If you start believing on this phrase that everything happens for good, you won’t find any reason for any stress in your life. You would find it easy to take on any diverse situation in your life. You would remain in peace and relax of mind after any failure of your life because you know everything happens for good. If something bad is happening with you, it is somewhere good for you in long run. You’ve to understand the science behind it and its effect that if something bad happening to you, it’s a necessary task for you, for your life. If you get failure today, it’s quite necessary for tomorrow’s success. The only need is to believe strongly on this law that everything happens for good in our life. After believing this, anyone wouldn’t ask again that how to prevent suicide.


How to Prevent Suicide - Motivation N You

2. Time is Never Same

This is another universal principle of life and we know this well. We are already aware about the fact that time is never same, it changes like day and night, shadow and sunlight. In the same manner, our mind is never same, our mood gets change very quick. You could do this experiment yourself. Imagine, its 9 o’clock in the morning, you are getting a sort of thoughts or mood of a kind. It could be funny mood or a happy mood, could be sad mood, a romantic mood or could be sleepy, motivational or energetic mood. Now, at 10 o’clock in the morning, it is going to be different from earlier, that is for sure.

Our mood is never same for long time. Same way, any problem stays for a limited time, it’s never same for the long time, that’s why we say if you keep this principle in your mind, you are never going to get depression and suicide thoughts . The prime reason for suicide is when we start imagining the small stress element negatively in the long run. After some time, we stuck in our imaginary web of negative thoughts, which is not real and then we don’t get any way to get out of it and choose to end our life.

3. Focus More on Actions than Results

When we start giving extra attention towards the results of our actions, when we become more possessive towards results, the problem starts. Sometimes, results don’t come up as our expectation & we become so fed up and start getting stress elements in our mind. The major drawback of doing this is that we forget the karma / actions to do at the moment. Rather we give that time to overthinking for result, the result which didn’t come in our favour or the result which was negative. The problem occurs when we think about results at the time of karma, at the time of doing actions. Which results in rising stress level because the more you focus on result, more you are going to be in stress, which is going to make your life hard in many ways.


Few Names (How to Prevent Suicide)

Colonel Sanders

There was a person who was extremely fed up of his life and wanted to suicide in old age. The reason was, he tried many works, businesses, many jobs throughout his life but didn’t get the desired results. Either his business was flopped or he was terminated from the job. The time when he was almost ready for suicide, he just got a thought in his mind. The thought was that there is one work which he didn’t try and the work which he loved the most, it was cooking.


How to Prevent Suicide - Motivation N You


After that, he decided to give one more chance to him to live. He started cooking and try to make it a profession. After few rejection, his recipe was accepted and he became the founder of KFC. The leading food chain brand in the world and he was Colonel Sanders. Therefore, the learning from here is – if you willingfully give another chance to life, it doesn’t mean that your life would be same as earlier.


Oprah Winfrey

Today Oprah Winfrey is one of the most powerful women of America. But, do you know that there was a time when Oprah Winfrey was quite fed up of her life and decided to quit his life. She even tried twice but with god grace she didn’t die and today we all know what she is.

Therefore, it’s high time to understand for each and everyone that when your mind thinks that there is no way out for us in this world, it is not true because life keeps giving chances time to time provided we are willing to achieve something, we are dedicated for a goal and working towards that direction continuously. If you have guts to accept the situation and fight back with all your willingness, then definitely the results are going to be in your favour.


How to Prevent Suicide - Motivation N You

Parents Duties

It is extremely unfortunate for our society that our students suicide. One thing which plays an important role for child/students is their value system. It’s more of parents duty to build strong values for a happy, energetic and progressive life for their children. Parents must install values, ethics in the child for a quality life that children must aware about the difference between the right & wrong decisions of life. Parents could tell them stories of real leaders of earth. All along, we could understand that today’s life is a busy life, in which mother and father both are working. As a result, they are unable to give quality time to their children but still if parents feel the responsibility towards their child then they could manage it perfectly.



Ending Note

Someone has rightly said that ‘the most important thing is to enjoy your life, to be happy’. Just try to find ways which keep a simple smile on your face. Make a list of such things, whenever you get any stress element go for such things. It could be reading books, watching something like comedy, sports or something else which you like the most, it could be eating as well. So, just follow the things in your hard time, which you love the most. After which you won’t seek the answer for how to Prevent Suicide because you are going to be a person of Self – Motivation.

It’s time to become self committed that the numbers of suicides in the world is going to be fallen down in coming years. First we take our responsibility that we are never going to disrespect a life which is given by God. After that, we are going to enlighten the life of those who need it. Whatever we could do for others, something little, go for it. Maybe your one step for someone happiness is going to save their life. With this note that’s end of ‘How to Prevent Suicide’. Don’t forget to pen down your valuable comments.

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