1 Important Factor to Never Give Up

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You visit any school, you are surely going to find some talent in every class. Someone could be a good dancer, a good actor, good business mind, a good sportsman or a cricketer or any other type of talent. Now you calculate that how many schools are there in one city, after that calculate how many schools are there in a state. Now, just assume that how many schools would be there in a country. When you try to calculate number of talents in a country, it is going to be a high number. #never give up

Ironically, when we see the result after couple of years when these childs have become adult and this is their working age, at this time you would not feel good to see that how many of them are still dancers, actors or any sports person. In their childhood days, they were having that particular skill/talent in them but there was something missing in these all years that they didn’t stick to their real profession and they are doing something else. However, if they had done the same thing which they were having talent of, they would have become a star for sure.

Same way, you are going to see many school student playing in cricket academies but when they become adult very rare of them are still stick to cricket, no matter they got chance for national or international level but they are still playing and remaining are away from cricket. Similarly, many people start doing business, after initial failure they decide to shut it down. If we compare number of new startups and number of established businesses, we are going to find a huge difference. Why people give up just after few failures, why don’t they have attitude of ‘never give up’ & stay in the working arena for long. Same thing goes for other talents. Here, the question comes that why does this happen & how could we never give up.

1 Important Factor to Never Give Up - Motivational Blogs - Motivation N You

Many Say –

Now, many (especially those who were unable to stick to their talent for long time) would say that they didn’t get enough resources to go forward or they didn’t have enough money or come from a poor background and so on. There could be thousands of such excuses available. Let me ask you that, are these excuses valid? If these were valid then Hima Das who never give up & come from very poor background couldn’t have won consecutive gold medals at international level.

Many sports persons come from quite humble background & make it big in their respective sports because they never give up. Same thing goes for a businessman. There are many businessmen who started their journey with a very limited stock/fund and they are leading the world today. If the above excuses aren’t the reason behind then what’s the main cause, which is stopping our talent to shining on big platforms. Let’s know it below.

Main Reason –

The main reason is ‘Lack of Patience’. We may have heard this word many times but it’s time to show it practically in our life. Find out the real meaning of patience in our next headline below. Let’s see how patience plays a key role in different professions. There are many cricketers who waited for their turn to get selected for the national team for many years. In all this time, they showed patience but they didn’t compromise on the practice or other things to improve their game & never give up.

Talking about acting, their are many names of proving patience. One of such name is Nawazuddin Siddiqui of Bollywood. Who waited for so many years to get good role in Bollywood & to show his talent. Although, he got very small role earlier, which was be like 5 or 10 seconds scene in a movie. But in this short span of time, it was unrecognised by the audience. The best part is that he kept patience and faith in his work & never give up. He didn’t change his working line & keep doing acting. At last, he started getting chance as lead actor & never missed any role to make it special.

There is another actor who got lots of dream to be seen at international level but he was rejected from National School of Drama several times. He never give up & keep trying his talent differently and today he is the most popular comedian of India, we are talking about Kapil Sharma. Talking about business, today’s leading businessmen are those who got many failures in their initial stage of business. But they had dream & showed courage and didn’t give up. They showed all the patience needed at the time when they were facing extreme pressure. They learnt from their failures and today they are leading from the front.

1 Important Factor to Never Give Up - Motivational Blogs - Motivation N You

What is Patience –

To know patience better, we are going to discuss a real picture of our society. Imagine, we are in a conference hall and all of sudden we get to know that we are about to hear a lecture on patience. Majority of listeners will get into slow emotions quickly. we think that there is something boring going to be discuss because we’ve heard the word ‘patience’ so many times. We start getting into drowsy state. Here, we want to break the ice. ‘Patience’ doesn’t mean slowness at all. In fact, patience motivates us to be more fast in our working area.

We get the desired result of patience only when there is no compromise in our actions, our momentum, when we keep stick to our karma. When we keep patience for desired result after ensuring the smooth functioning of karma, we win the battle and get result anyhow. Therefore, no matter what work are you doing, how much are you earning, if you know your skills, talent and your dream, then, come what may you must stick to it with all patience and right actions & never give up. After a while you are going to see your success like a piece of cake in a plate.

1 Important Factor to Never Give Up - Motivational Blogs - Motivation N You

Concluding Part –

In this fast time, we want success fast so our youth doesn’t bother to change their working area in haste. But, the truth is – they get only limited success even after doing so many efforts impatiently. Patience would get equal importance in every generation no matter how fast and slow we are going to be. Therefore, we must feel the value of patience in our life & never give up. When we think about it several times in our life then we are going to remember it at the needed moment, at the time of decision making.

When we would be able to think with patience, surely it is going to be a positive decision. Scope of patience isn’t just limited to professional life. It has equal importance in personal life as well. Sometimes people decide in hurry in their personal relations without observing the value of patience. Later on, they feel sorry on their mistake but as we know there is no use of crying over spilt milk. Let’s together we bring some patience to this world.

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1 Important Factor to Never Give Up
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