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According to WHO , more than 300 million people suffer from depression globally . It is the leading cause of disability and disease . At its worst , it could lead to suicide . A family having depression patient suffers a lot & someone needs to stay along with depression patient if the depression is at high level . At this stage , anyone could take any wrong step . There could be many negative possibilities of his actions . Depression is not limited to a particular profession , It could happen to anyone even if a person is not working could get into terrible depression . Its all start from our mind . When you know the art of mind to keep it in the balance state you could go miles away from depression .

There are many books available having many techniques to cure depression . Apart from these techniques , there are other creative techniques , which differs from person to person and which comes from our mind . I mean to say that our own mind has that creative ability which could generate many ideas to tackle with depression and which work perfectly because our mind knows the best remedy of all problems because it is aware about the problems we face .

Therefore , We must get time to think on our self that what are our own problems and how to escape them . Although , I am here to share few common methods for depression . Before sharing these remedies , I want to add one more thing that there are few stages of depression , one stage is when it starts and another is top stage where a depression patient needs medical attention & proper guidance . I recommend to using the following methods practically if you wanna escape from depression or having depression at starting level .

Patience / Relax of Mind & Body

There are always few thoughts which become the cause for depression . Apart from it , sometimes we are into extreme rush for something when we don’t show patience at all . You want everything quick and fast but God has decided a fixed time for everything which we have to get . You don’t understand this logic of nature & don’t get the things at your expected time because you are the way fast from the nature process , so , you naturally get stress . This becomes initial cause of depression .

Therefore , We must have patience in our life . We must give time to relax our body and mind . It is required for both mental and physical health . It looks so small thing but it boost our life to progress and prosperity & required to keep your mind cool . For that , We must understand and believe on the law of nature that everything happens for good . Whatever is happening right now is for good and righteousness . When we think in such a way , We remain far away from any stress .


Connectivity with Nature

Another simple & outstanding way to keep away depression is to connect with nature . Nature has that power to heal every disease of human life provided we understand it perfectly and use in the right manner . There could be many ways to connect with nature and one way is to sit quietly outside in the early morning and feel the nature . You could look at the trees , birds , sky or other natural things which is going to give you immense peace and happiness of mind . The more you connect with nature more you connect with yourself and once you are connected with yourself you are away from stress and depression .

If you are a touring guy , You could plan to spend your vacations nature . There are many tourist destinations around the Globe showcasing natural magic . One could visit there and find oneself . Once you are in race with you in finding yourself and inner peace , You are far away from the outside elements , whether it is depression , stress or something else . It’s all about practice , You could start your journey by visiting natural tourist destination . After that once you find the connection with the nature , You would find it extremely easy to connect with the nature at your home as well because nature is everywhere , it’s all on us that how much we see it .


Be Social

Here , I am not saying to be social on social media but to be social personally with your buddies . Try to catch up with people any time for a day because loneliness attracts depression . It doesn’t happen to every lonely guy but there are more chances of stress when you are alone in comparison with when you are engaged with someone . Earlier , the happiness index was more because people were more social , They used to see each other every other day .

We could see the same thing today as well in remote areas , specially in villages . People often see and talk to each other in villages . It helps in keeping you away from depression because this habit helps to make a gap between you and your cause of anxiety / stress . When you talk to your Near and Dear , you feel relax and peaceful from your mind and body , which keeps you away from any stress element .

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