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How to Keep Home Life Motivational

Obviously , when we live at the same place for long time , we feel bore & down sometimes . Especially , when we live alone , we start getting boredom . Everyday , we see same surroundings , same people in front of our eyes . In this blog , We are going to discuss that how could you make your home life Motivational , Energetic and Exciting for long . The thing which you need to do is quite simple & easy . It is possible that you already use this method in your life , maybe sometimes . This method also has involvement of our imagination . The beauty of this method is that we could stretch it out to any extent with the help of our imagining powers in order to make ourselves more energetic & motivational .


Why to Get Rid of Boredom at Home

When we continue to ennui for a long time we get disconnect from our Karma , from our life . The time , which we could have given to something productive but we end up wasting it . When we waste our time for a long time , we stop our progress of life . When there is no progress in life , there is stress in life & when there is stress in life that could be a huge disaster & destruction of life . It could lead us to end our life as well . Therefore , to get escape from all these things , We have to get rid of boredom at home . We must have a task of short time , after that task we must feel fully energetic and motivational in home life . We couldn’t leave any stone unturned to make it happen .

As we say , an empty mind is a devil’s workshop . So , we couldn’t sit idle at all but there are many moments in our life when we feel alone & down at home . We may have some work to do but we don’t feel to go for them . As a result , We feel blank & disconnected from the world . Right here , We need a method or something to make us self-motivated instantly . At this moment , we need to do something in order to make our home life vigorous and exciting . Therefore , Let’s we discuss our super creative and easy method to follow .

The Method (Home Life Motivation)

No matter where you live , You always have some sort of landmark or a famous place / building , tower near your home . It could be a heritage , huge building , huge industrial plant or any marvellous piece of construction near your home . Here , you need to use your heart instead of head . Just try to become child for some time . Now , what all you have to do is to pick one landmark near your town or your home . It could be near or far from your place .

After that , go to the top of your building & feel fresh air and look towards landmark , to that huge building . Hereafter , what all you have to do is to think imaginary anything of your interests related to that thing . You could use your imagination to any extent , there is no limit . Just keep thinking those things of your interest which gives you immense peace & excitement . To make it more clear , let me give you an example to this ensuring motivational home life .


For Example

Imagine , you are a lover of airplanes . You feel happy whenever you see airplane or airport . Luckily , an international airport is about 15 or 20 km away from your home or maybe bit more . It comes in the vertical direction from your city & you have to cross another city to reach airport from your city . To see this airport from your home is almost not possible due to distance & visibility . But , You feel curious and you know the directions . So , you just go at the top of your building and try to look in that direction in order to get a view either of the airport or airplane nearby airport . You look there very curiously & you see an airplane flying in that direction , which looks very small & blur from your place . It is flying upward to the sky & seems like just took off from the airport .

So , You become more curious to see more , you focus more to see more . This is one day activity & you spent about 5 to 10 minutes over there . After these 10 magical minutes , your mind is complete fresh & new & filled with adventurous feelings . Another day , You could get an idea to get binoculars to get clear view of airports and airplanes from your home . One could call it a childish behaviour but this is what we need in our hectic and stressful life to make home life happy . We need to become more and more child at least sometime in the day in order to get the purity and internal peace of mind . I don’t say to remain childish in serious time as well , but my idea is only that if we could get something productive for our life by imagining something from our interest area then why not to do this .


Concluding Note

Apart from this method there could be many more ways to get rid of boredom quickly . In above example , the use of imagination was not that much but there could be other ways in which you need or you could use imagination and make you feel happy in quite a few minutes . One way could be where you keep looking at a huge chimney of a huge manufacturing plant of your city and you start imagining about its height or how they would built such narrow & extreme long chimney . You keep thinking about such sort of things or maybe others of your interests in your home life . Such practices are going to ensure a quick shift of mind from a boring & upset mind to a progressive & active mind.

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