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Power of Imagination

Imagination has the power to imagine imaginations at any length. You don’t need to pay a single penny to imagine anything in the world. One could imagine freely in any situation of life or at any place of the world. One could imagine in drowsy state as well. These things are simply understood & we are aware of it. Let me tell you something different now, that imagination could change your life. It has the power to ensure your success provided you use your power of Imagination in the right direction & your position must be clear.

Imagination has both sides, it could destroy you to disaster and it could lead you to the sky/success as well. When you think before speaking and imagine what is gonna be the effect of your speaking, it becomes positive here. When you start imagining something bad of a good, then it becomes negative. You must have all control on your power of Imagination. You must use your consciousness to identify that which imagination you should bring in order to get something good out of it. There are many variants of imaginations. You could imagine million things for a product or service and there is nothing in the world of which you couldn’t imagine anything. Imagination is your personal weapon and you must know how to use it. It shouldn’t control you rather you should control it or else it could destroy you.

Professional/Personal Success

You could use your power of Imagination for personal to professional success. One could get rid of any kind of problem with the use of Imagination power in the right way, no matter what is the problem and where does the problem lie. The form of imagination is gonna give you result accordingly, when you use your power of Imagination negatively it gives your negative result, when you use it positively it gives you everything positive. let me make it more clearer with few examples below.



Imagine, you get hurt while playing football. Now, at this point, if you imagine that you are totally fit and you don’t have any injury. After a moment, you are going to feel less pain than earlier cause your senses are working according to your imagination. When you imagine something positive, it reflects back positive to you.

Same way, when you start imagining that you got promotion to a senior post and you start feeling it. After sometime you would feel amazed to see yourself to senior post. I don’t say that it’s a magic sort of thing. In fact, power of Imagination works on a logic. When you start imagine something in your mind again and again, you generate a message to your subconscious mind, your subconscious mind directs your body parts to act accordingly.

When you continue think that you got promotion, your mind would start working accordingly. As a result, you are going to behave like your boss (like your promoted designation). Which your company is going to notice & couldn’t ignore it for long time & you get your promotion. This is only one scenario of getting what you imagine strongly. There could be thousands possibilities happen. Someone has rightly said that a person is a product of what he thinks/imagines the whole day.

Imagination is connected to creativity as well. If you go & ask a creative artist that how does he gets creative ideas. His answer would include imagination for sure because creativity is a product of imagination. It starts from imagination, when you imagine something for a stretch you get so many ideas at a time. It is possible that many of the ideas would be totally different from existing ideas of the world. I don’t think that there is any working field where we couldn’t use creativity. Even, creativity could make work more effective than earlier. So if you wanna be creative in your interest area, you’ve to be in the habit of imagination.


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