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Don’t desires for today’s luxury, you’ll get it easily in your life –

The most easy thing in the world is to day dreaming / desire. We feel all comfort & relax while day dreaming. We don’t have to pay a single penny to feel this feeling. Sometimes, we desire about products / services & wish to get those one day in our life.

For eg. Imagine you are walking on the road & in that sort you see a luxury sedan worth ₹ 1 crore passing you. Being a middle class you starts thinking / desire to own that car one day in your life. In life span, you even get that car easily. Now you would surprise at  my last line that how comes a middle class person could afford something worth ₹1 crore. I am having the answer at last.

All along, I strongly say that don’t desire for this worth ₹1 crore car or anything which you see in the market or in society. Instead desire about something which is not launched yet or even the idea is not formed. It seems bit confusing but I am having the secret later in this blog.



Now I’ve separated the further explanation in two parts –

(1) How do we easily get today’s luxury in our life –

Speaking of India, in early 90’s, there was a car Maruti 800 dominating in a segment of car market. Back then, its launching price was ₹48,500-50,000 & it was a nightmare to buy for lower & middle class. They used to dream / desire for this car that at least once in their life they would get into it. Now, After 20 years of its launching, it has become Alto 800 & available between range ₹2,50,000-4,00,000.

Interesting fact is that the same lower & middle class (who were unable to afford it in back 90’s) now doesn’t show much interest in this dream car because they could afford a car of range of ₹5,00,000-6,00,000. All along, through these 20 years, they didn’t make extra effort to achieve their desired car. They only had been living life the way it is to be lived. Then, how come they became so rich that they could buy something which is expensive / once unaffordable thing.

Guys, this is called “Time value of Money” in economics. It means the value of ₹100 won’t be same tomorrow. It’s a system of time / world. If today you are having something new, it won’t be having same importance / worth after a year or two, because technology changes itself as time.


Example –

Imagine, you are a lower middle class person in late 90’s & early 20’s India. You see flying aeroplane & you wish you could fly in aeroplane. If even you aren’t curious about this desire, you are gonna fly anyway in 2017. Thanks to intense competition of aviation firms. Which results in the air ticket fair available even less than a train second class AC fair.

Even, if it hadn’t been the competition among air companies. You would’ve to fly easily in 2017 (Time value of money). It took only 15 years to complete your desire without much efforts. If you had taken it seriously, you would’ve done it in maximum 3-5 years.

You can think of AC’s, Refrigerator, Metro Rail or anything of your world, now feel the importance/worth when they launched years back. Now, see the importance/worth they are having today. I am speaking with regard for technology & its changing nature of customers with time. When an I phone version launches in Market, it goes well with high class society & seems far from low class & middle class. But after a year or two its customer category / class starts to change. It becomes affordable for middle & lower class.

ConclusionAnything which seems difficult to achieve today is easy to get tomorrow & the thing which doesn’t seem today is gonna difficult to achieve tomorrow. So, something which is gonna come to you easily in your life, does it make sense to make it a dream / desire. I guess a dream / desire must require intense hard work to achieve itself. You have to work hard in to achieve something which is no where today & will require your hard work to achieve that tomorrow. Now, what should we dream for is our second part in.



(2) Which things to desire about to achieve in our life –

Jumping straight away on the point, I must say that your desire must have the involvement of research, ideas, discovery, inventions & so on. Let me tell you why to do so. Guys, I guess a dream must add something in you, it could be knowledge, experience. More of this, a dream must keep you engaging to learn more & more.

Speaking of above example (aeroplane), instead of aeroplane ride if you had dreamed about human flying in air on his own, you would’ve been thinking about the technology, possibility, World’s work progress in this regard & so on in your spare time. You would’ve gone one step ahead by searching for it on several mediums or would’ve even started your efforts into this to make it possible if you were highly curious / interested about it.

So, ultimately you were engaged in something progressive for the world. You were working on an idea to see it possible in real. Someone has said that a person is the product of his / her thinking. When you think something outstanding many times a day. It’s gonna bring strong positive change in you, which is gonna lead you to your success.


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