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Guys, before starting this topic, i wanna add that imagination alone could motivate you largely & i am gonna write on this soon. Imagination has certain role in this topic as well. Could you imagine that an object could motivate us. If i say ‘yes’ then you would ask me how. Let me straight away jump on the answer. Effective/right use of an object could motivate us largely.

This object could be any product or service of the world. Once you become an expert in imagining & feeling motivation from one object. You could find it easy to get it from all objects. If you don’t feel good in working out in a gym. You could Motivate yourself there by following a simple process, which would ensure your self motivation in working out. If you feel down hanging out in a park or somewhere else. Follow a simple process & get self motivation instantly. If you don’t feel good traveling somewhere through a public/private transport then follow a simple process & feel motivated. Let me make it more clear & give my view on looking things with a set of few examples separately.

Here are the few examples to get motivation from objects-


(1) Motivation from object in a gym –

During working out, when you feel dull at any point, start obeying objects. Obviously, gym equipment are meant to be objects of a gym. Imagine, you use a couple of dumbbell & supposed to put it anywhere after using it. Now, our process comes in, in order to get self motivation, you got to put dumbbells on the shelf rack & imagine to feel that you’ve done something right. Automatically you are gonna feel self satisfaction, which is gonna lead you to focus on your work in hand (work out). Apart from self motivation, this habit is gonna make a change in your life. This is gonna bring self discipline in your life. Which is a big weapon in itself to ensure your success. You could repeat the same process for gym rods & other equipments/accessories in the gym.


(2) An object- A world map/globe could motivate you –

Imagine, you are having a world map on your room wall or a table globe in your office. Now, you could look into it & try to understand it. Here after, you could start imagining things of the world, like if you are on India on the map, start thinking that there are so many languages, culture, themes available in this country & there are many countries in the world, there different culture, living styles, languages n all. Try to get more into it like which could be the longest river in the world or the largest animal in the world or the oldest civilisation of the world.

By doing such practice, you are gonna curious to know something which is gonna add something in you. Which is gonna responsible for your motivation, provided you are so involved in the process. Actually, an object motivated you in this process.


Another Way –

You could do it another way, while looking the object (map), you could virtually imagine the place where you never been to. Imagine, you are on the states on the map, now start to imagine virtually about roads there, cities, buildings, living style, transportation n so on. Whatever idea you have about there, anything you’ve heard about the state, just try to imagine virtually. It’s like you are actually being there & feel everything personally. It’s gonna give you a rich feel which results in motivation.


(3) Motivation from object to increase knowledge –

You could increase your IQ with an object. What all you’ve to do is to create the curiosity to know more about things. Let we take on this, imagine, you are using a juicer, now try to know more about the juicer in order to increase your knowledge. It could be manufacturing company, model type of juicer, design of juicer, functioning of juicer, electric load of juicer. You could choose it according to your interests area. If you are a marketing student you could go for its marketing attributes like its manufacturing company, its inception, origin country, marketing strategy of company, promotional tools used in marketing for the product n so on. Same way, being an engineering student, you could go to know its technical aspects like the motor being used or the electric load capacity or its panel design n so on.

It’s a fact that your knowledge never goes in vain. It comes back to you one or another way. Considering above example, marketing or engineering knowledge could come back to you at the time you face interview for a job & later on you find the juicer knowledge saviour for you. You could apply this with any object of the world.


(4) Feel the object –

To give importance to object is what feeling the object. When you concentrate on object while using the object is what feeling the object. When you use the object in the way it should use is what feeling an object. While feeling any object, you start enjoying yourself through action which is associated with that object because you forget your past & future & deals with present. It means your all worries, stress are gone away & you feel all motivation of the world.


For Instance –

Imagine, you are driving to work but your mind travels somewhere else. You are engaged with car/driving but your mind is engaged with office assignments which are causing slow stress in your mind. In order to enjoy & get motivation from object here, you’ve to bring in the above idea to feel the object. Our object is car/roads here, so you must concentrate on your car/driving & forget the world for a while. You could think of car speed, movement, Road condition, traffic & all. You must think that in what speed your car performs great in terms of maintenance, mileage n so on & in this Road/Traffic condition what should be the way of driving.

Now, start driving in the speed of your analysis. Within couple of minutes, you are gonna realise that your mind stress is gone & you are having a fresh mind because your whole being & Mind is engaged in one task. You are gonna feel happy for your car, because this way, your car is gonna make you happy as far as maintenance is concerned. A happy mind gives you millions of ideas for real progress. So, here is how an object becomes the reason for your motivation.

(5) Get motivation by looking at the object –

In order to get motivation by looking at the object, you’ve to just look any particular object. This object could be anything, like a chair, tree, wall, poll, board, house, any vehicle, refrigerator, TV, pot n so on. While doing so, you’ve to be with a free/relax mind. Now, you just imagine any positive attribute of that certain object. Now, try to connect/relate that attribute to your life & get inspiration.

Imagine you are looking to a chair, now you could try to find a positive attribute of a chair. It could be ‘pressure handling’ for a chair because it has to bear with our whole body weight. Now, relate this attribute with your life, it could be like if a chair could handle pressure, why couldn’t me, whether it’s a physical or a mental pressure. It’s all imagination guys, you could imagine in far better way than me. It was just an example to give you the idea of it.



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