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In every country, in every city there are few places where rich products or services are available. Millions of people come across those places every day. Many of them could afford the product and services available there & many couldn’t afford. There are many places of this sort like a mall, museum, supermarkets, showrooms, premium colleges/universities, airports n so on. The list is long as so many places could come under rich places category.

There is another reason as well, behind to call these places as rich places. I’ve experienced it many times in my life that whenever I’ve been to such places, I got a rich feel inside me which motivated me for the actions which were in need at that particular point of time. There could be many ways to get inspiration from such places. I am gonna discuss these ways below.

How to get inspiration

Imagine, you were a management student pass out from a B Grade College (official grades given by educational body of  of your country). After few years you are passing through a premier management school of the world or of your country. Now, one way of thinking is that you miss a chance to study in this premier Institute. Or you were not able to study in this premier management school because you were not that intelligent in your schooling. You were not able to crack their entrance exam. But our inspirational way of thinking is when you think like that today you are standing outside this premier management school but tomorrow you are gonna be into this management school and giving a guest lecture to its students.

By thinking so, you’re motivating yourself to do something great in your life. Whatever field you want to do in but if you keep this motivation for the maximum time in your life. I am sure that one day you are gonna give a guest lecture in that premier business school. The process could be any but the process must lead you to self-motivation through inspiration. It’s like you feel rich, you become rich.


Another way of inspiration

Imagine, you’ve been to a luxury mall but all products and services inside there are unaffordable to you. Now, one style of thinking is like god made you born in a poor family. Why didn’t you get birth in a rich family. So, the stuff would have affordable for you. You may feel extreme disappointed and think that you are unlucky in this world.

Our way of inspiration is when you start thinking that today I am looking on this luxury item/product. But tomorrow I’m going to compete this Brand with my excellent product. I’m gonna make a higher quality and a higher standard product than this one. I’m going to challenge this brand in the market tomorrow. You could say/think such words when you know your passion/interest is in the same field as of that particular brand.

Otherwise, you could simply think that you are gonna make sure no stone unturned for your success. After that these products and services would be a piece of pie for you. Instead of being disappointed, you could also feel like you are having all the required needs of life and you are living your life peacefully. You don’t believe in materialism. You could think any philosophy of your interests in order to prove to yourself that you are best at present. Whatever you are having is best for you. Such philosophies will inspire you largely and you are going to use this inspiration as a motivation for you.

Concluding Part

From next time, whenever you are to any rich place. Just try to feel rich as much as you can. This rich feel is gonna make you feel self motivation. Use this self motivation for a self commitment that you are determined to your dream and you work hard in order to achieve the dream of your life. Your motivation is your power, better use these powers for positive and harmonious things of life.



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