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Get Self Motivation with legendary expressions 

Guys i am sure that you must aware & remember of few expressions/postures of the legends of the world. It could be your favorite expression of your favorite legend/celebrity. It could be an expression of a footballer or a cricketer or a politician & so on. Now, could you imagine that these expressions could give you self motivation. It could build self confidence & give you self motivation to do best in your respective area of work. These expressions could be a large cause for stress buster in your life.


My Personal Experience –

I ain’t aware of many popular expressions of the world. But to make more clear & easy understanding, let me give my personal example of a cricket legend, whose smiling expression fills me with self motivation many times in my life.

If you are only a bit aware of cricket then you must aware of Mr. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, cricket community often calls him ‘GOD of CRICKET’. Like billions of fans, I am one of his fan as well. Now, there is an expression of him, which helps me to come out from diverse situations of my life. Which persuade me to get up again after every failure to my destination. Which push me forward to wake my dreams & which feels me self motivation.


The Expression –

When Sachin gets ready to face a ball in front of wickets, naturally, his facial expressions make a smiley face, which is clearly visible in close view during a match. I’ve watched this expression many times during his play, I am sure that cricket lovers are getting me on this expression. Obviously, this is his natural expression as every batsman has their own. But, I could see more of this, whenever i see this expression, it reminds me of his struggle (which I knew from his autobiography & many other sources) to become a legend of cricket.

Here, imagination part comes in, i remember this expression anytime in a day & start feeling the struggle (any incident of his struggle) & feel goose bumps, which indicates self motivation. After that, I start thinking that a legend has to go from hardship every moment & has to enjoy every bit of it & feel happy for his dream, a legend never stop, he falls down, get fail, then get up & ready for action, again fall down, get up & ready for action & so on. A legend is meant to his actions’.

Sometimes i even go a step forward to this, i make this expression myself when ride bike to work to feel self motivation, to feel all fruits behind every action & to feel enthusiastic to see my clients. All along, i remember my dream of life & my determination becomes more strong than earlier because am in deep self confidence & self motivation. After that, this determination makes my body parts to do karma (action) in that regard (to achieve my dream).

Concluding Part –

It’s all imagination guys, i imagine motivational stuff to motivate myself. You imagine what you wanna be in your life. It’s just an instance, there could be many more ways to motivate us. I am sure some or many of you must be playing this imagination game to yourself sometimes. The way to imagine things could be different. But it must lead us to true progress of life.

Apart from this expression, i admire one more thing of Sachin, which is his quote which he delivered in his farewell speech, this is like “DREAM COMES TRUE” (as Sachin had a dream to win a ICC Cricket World Cup, which India did in 2011 having Sachin as a team player). This is another reason for my self motivation to feed my dream.

I admire Sachin so my motivation is associated with his expression, you could get the same from your hero in some or the other way. Keep motivating yourself from legendary expressions which tell many stories in itself.