5 Freedoms For A Motivational Life

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We are going to celebrate Independence Day 2019 on 15th of August . The day when India got independence from Britishers in 1947 . The day when India became independent and it had to do so many things to rebuild itself . The one thing which every citizen of this country felt on 15th August 1947 was freedom . Freedom to not follow the rules of the britishers . Freedom to work according to Indian Constitution (however it was made after few years of the independence) .

Therefore , on this occasion of freedom day 2019 , We’ve come up with 5 freedoms from those factors which are destroying human life on big level . We strongly say that everyone must get these 5 freedoms for a motivational and progressive life . All these factors are having something in common that these factors are very known to us & we’ve heard about these things many times in our life . Sometimes we obey , sometimes we don’t but we already have an idea of what I am going to mention below . my motive is only to knock you once more in order for a progressive world .

Let’s take on these 5 freedoms for a Motivational Life –


5 Freedoms For A Motivational Life | Independence Day Special

Freedom From Indiscipline in Sleeping Habit

If I would simply ask that how do you see freedom in sleeping habit . Then , one may easily say that freedom of sleeping is when you have no bar of sleeping hours and you could sleep whenever you want to sleep . If you have that freedom then its freedom of sleep but our way is exactly opposite to this . I say , freedom is that which brings you to the way of progress . Progress of you , progress of society , progress of the world .

So , when you have no bar of sleeping hours , it means there is unbalanced in sleeping hours . Which is going to affect your health badly because many reports suggest that a healthy person shouldn’t take more than eight hours of sleep a day . So , If there is no bar of sleep then it isn’t the freedom of sleep rather it is destruction of health . We consider freedom of sleep when your sleep gives you a good health . Therefore , this is our most important freedom among 5 freedoms .

Freedom From Fear

Fear alone is enough to make you under stress and demotivated . When you get fear at the time of action , it is going to spoil the action you are going to do . Fear is a strong barrier in the true progress of a human being . Imagine , You worked hard for your school exam but while watching the question paper in the classroom , you get fear instantly . After that you’re going to forget everything which you prepared . This is how the fear attacks . Freedom from fear is a must among 5 freedoms .

So , when we think of a true freedom , which is about to give us a motivational life , then we couldn’t think of fear . There are fear which are good for us . There are certain types of fear which must be there in your life like fear of parents for a child . Which works at certain moments in the life of the child & which helps him to become a good person . You could read more about the fear & how to remove it in my another blog which is ‘Win Over Fear of Failure’ .


5 Freedoms For A Motivational Life | Independence Day Special

Freedom From Uncontrollable Mind

Another important freedom from 5 freedoms which you must get for a motivational life is freedom from an uncontrollable mind . Mind must be in our control . When our mind becomes uncontrollable , It could be extremely destructive and unfortunate . An uncontrollable mind couldn’t get all the freedom to take right decisions in life . Mind is only free when it is in your control . When you direct your mind to rest , it takes rest , when you direct it to act , it acts , the time when it doesn’t disobey you . That’s what the true freedom for a mind . There are many techniques available to control mind on different sources . You could use them and get results or you could use your own techniques . Whatever methods come in your mind , you could experiment with those and if that works in your life , share it with others .

Freedom From Over Thinking

Overthinking is another barrier for a motivational and progressive life . Overthinking hampers actions , when you think over & over for a particular thing , you start taking the time of actions (Karma) and when you think over & over any particular thing it creates a sort of mess in your mind . After that , You need some time to get recovery of your mind from that mess and even for that you need to use your mind . So , after a slot of overthinking , You need another slot of time to reboot or repair your mind . It is another important freedom among 5 freedoms .

I don’t know what psychology says about overthinking but it seems a disease to me and overthinking is somewhere related to mind control . If you’ve control over your mind , If you have a hold over your mind then overthinking won’t happen so easily because you would identify it quickly and stop the process of overthinking in best possible ways . Therefore , freedom of overthinking is a must to do for us .


5 Freedoms For A Motivational Life | Independence Day Special

Freedom From Negativity

I’m sure the word negativity is extremely popular among us . We get these two words ‘negativity and positivity’ and use it in many aspects of life . We know it clearly that everything has two sides negative and positive like a coin has two faces but when it comes to implement it , we forget it and we get fail to act positively . Still , there are few negativities where we couldn’t think about its positive factors because it is totally negative .

For example – if someone has committed a heinous crime then it is complete negative . We/Law couldn’t go and see positive factors and forgive that person . It would be a big mistake from our side . So we must identify which is unforgivable negative and which one is man-made negative that we think it is negative but there is some room for positive as well or positive pride is also attached to it . So , We must have a clear judgement or a clear view on these two . We must have a clear difference between these two . After that , practice it in your life and see the results . Your happiness index would be more when you are having positive attitude than a negative . Freedom of negativity is last of 5 freedoms & it must go away from our life .

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