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How to Control Mind –

In order to use your mind for the righteousness, you’ve to control mind. For this, it is necessary that –
*Your mind shouldn’t control you, you should control your mind.
* Your mind shouldn’t drive you, you should drive your mind.
* You shouldn’t obey your mind, your mind should obey you.
To attain the above targets, you could apply following easy & super ways for your routine in order to control mind.


Concentrate on whatever things –

One of the best & easy way to control mind is to concentrate/focus on any thing which is nearby you. It can be any object like Fan, Bed, Sofa, Chair, Table, Floor, PC, Mobile, wall, Socket, Curtains, Window, Door, Any Vehicle or any thing in the world. Try to focus on a certain point of any object. Now, what all you’ve to do is to just think about that object virtually. Let me clarify it further, it’s like if I am thinking about a ceiling fan, all along, i could think about its benefits, its manufacturing company, its origin in the world, its colour, dimension, polish, design, speed, noise, or anything of my interest related to fan. It could be completely virtual or according to your knowledge limitations. 

Don’t force yourself to think about only the exact information. This process must be done without any pressure on mind. You could close your eyes to comfort yourself. So, Within minutes you are gonna realise that your mind is free of distraction, anxiety, fear. The thought process is in your control or we could say that now, you are the driver of your mind. There are two benefits of doing this, first is that your mind would become independent, second is that your area of interest would develop & your curiosity to know any information would increase.


Read from last –

Another important method to control mind to read in descending order. Whenever, you feel puzzled Mind, just start alphabets in descending order (from Z to A), within seconds, you’ll realise that your mind is focused now. Use this focused mind to become star of any sky. There is no compulsion on only alphabetic practice, you can practice on numeric digits, your name, any name, location, sentence etc. Only necessity is to think reversely.

For eg.

Sentence : Make the bed please

Practice : Please bed the make (You have to practice this in your mind)

Word (Name) : Shyam

Practice : Mayhs

Digits : 0-100

Practice : 100-0

The above practice would ensure control mind.


Discover Positivity in Negativity –

Our mind, if not in control, go for ‘nearby’ negativity easily. At very first, our mind goes on those things which are visibly or invisibly near to mind, consciously or subconsciously near to mind. To change this habit of mind, we have to seek positive factors in negativity. We have to give more space to positive thoughts than negative thoughts, we’ve to win over negativity. A hero eliminates a villain, A truth eliminates a lie, A light eliminates a dark, in the same manner a positive vibe/peace/harmony eliminates negativity/jealousy/wreath.

Suppose you don’t like your class mate & always try to avoid him. But, on an occasion he is in front of you. Now what to do…instead of bringing negativity in your mind for your class mate, you’ve to think about his positive attributes of his life, which you know or heard somewhere. If still you don’t find anything worth in him then, start imagining something positive about your class mate. It can be his fabulous intellectual beauty or slickly exam preparation or respect to elders or a responsible citizen.


Breath Technique –

Another important method to control mind is to concentrate on our breath. We all know about the process of breath, which are (i) Inhale & (ii) Exhale. Now, what we all have to do is to just concentrate on this process. Close your eyes to feel comfortable & start focusing on the breath process. You need to give attention on when you are inhaling & when you are exhaling, how your breath is going up & down. At the moment, you forget outside world & feel your inner world, where your wisdom to live outside stays. Try to maximise the time of inhaling & exhales as well as the gap between inhaling & exhales. In few moments, you are going to realise a focused mind. This technique seems so easy & effective in control mind.


Relax is the key –

Another important method to control your mind is to relax your mind. You can easily see Bosses in corporate world to take power nap in working hours. Only sleep isn’t the reason behind this. Actually, they want to control their mind & focus on the work. So, ultimately they want relaxation of mind. Here comes another method to relax mind. Empty your mind with excess/extra/unwanted thoughts. Keep calm & close your eyes. Now, just try to remove all running thoughts from your mind like we delete virus infected files from our system. Once you have empty mind, start to feel extreme relaxation. Now, start to refill your mind with constructive, harmonious, joyful thoughts. Pick limited thoughts always. Here onwards, whenever you feel excess thoughts in your mind or nervous mind, try this method & feel joy of life.


I’ve shared above only limited methods to control mind, there could be many more in order to control mind, you discover yourself and apply on yourself, after a while you would feel immense control over your mind.

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