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We all have some sort of privileges . Sometimes , We get it naturally , sometimes we effort to get it . According to the World Bank , approx . 12% population of this world don’t have the privilege / access of electricity . Same way , many people don’t have the privilege of smart phones & Internet in this world . Many people have privilege of a sedan / personal vehicle but the others don’t have . I believe every person have privileges of some kind in this world . A person that has any privilege , doesn’t think much about it , just use the privilege he has . But what if this privilege gives you self motivation & progress . This privilege could become a reason for thinking for others .

When we see today’s scenario of the world , It is very necessary to look into the privilege we get & think about the responsibility attached to it . It is seen many times that people get privileges very easy , so naturally they don’t value it . For example , suppose your father is a rich man and he has become rich by his hard work and positive sense for life . But you get the privilege of your father’s luxury car free of cost . You didn’t work hard for it , you didn’t earn it . So , naturally you don’t have value for it , which is going to be result in irresponsible driving . Which isn’t a progressive move for you , for your family & for society as well .

Privilege & Motivation

These privileges could be a reason for immense self motivation for you provided you start thinking about it . First of all , You have to understand that the privilege which you got is not with everybody in this world . Many people are under privileged with the privilege you have . Therefore , You must feel a sense of responsibility with that privilege that you are a lucky guy that you got that power . Now , It’s your responsibilities to use that power in the way it should be used .

For example , If you got a privilege to drive a car then you must feel a sense of responsibility that you only drive that car , don’t fly it . All along , ensure to follow all traffic rules . When you attach such responsibilities with every privilege you get , you would see your life has become rich in true ways . Which is going to give you immense self motivation for new heights of your life .

Same way , If you are privileged to have inverter / electricity back up , for a moment , think about those students that don’t even have electricity at their home but still they study in the light of a candle & get good marks . After that , You could feel your responsibilities that if you got the privilege of inverter then you couldn’t use it for unproductive work . You only consume inverter / backup energy for progressive tasks . You must ensure to save energy when it is not required .


Career Benefit

Now , you know that how to get self-motivation and progress from privileges you get . After this , don’t limit yourself to get motivation only from few privileges . You could get benefit for your professional life as well . For that , you’ve to give importance to the work you are doing by thinking that you are a lucky guy so got this work . Then , try to understand the duties and responsibilities associated with that work . Try to follow these duties with all sincerity and honesty . Only remember one thing that if you are lucky guy to get this job , then how could you misuse any of the privilege you get in your profession . This is going to make a certain change in your working style . You are going to produce more than what you are expected . Which is going to ensure your growth for your professional carrier .

Therefore , A small feeling of you is going to change large part of your life positively . Once your working life is balanced and satisfactory , Your overall level of living and happiness will rise . Same way , If you are a businessman , give importance to all privilege you get . Be it business meetings , be it decision-making , you must take everything serious and with all your sincerity . Don’t forget to think sometimes about those who don’t get an opportunity to become a businessman like you but having skills of decision-making & willing to do business , do something for them in any way . This is what we call giving importance to privilege you get , which is going to ensure self motivation and self respect for you . Once you yourself have immense self-respect for you then world is surely gonna respect you .

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