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How to Become Intelligent

It is a saying that a poor but wise man is worth than a rich & unwise man because ultimately a wise man could become rich thousand times with the use of his brain and knowledge . On the other side , an unwise may even find it difficult to remain rich for a long time . By inspiring from this phrase or without it , people are in race to be known as wise and knowledgeable in the society . In order to get the answer that how to become intelligent , they bring so many books at their home , even read it & get many important points of books on the tip of their tongue . They take part in many knowledge enhancing seminars & other activities to know how to become intelligent .

Now the question is – Are they become complete wise and intelligent . Are they able to handle the situation related to the knowledge they have . Is only having knowledge of something is enough or the process to become intelligent needs something more . Is this knowledge enough for overall progress of your life . There is need to add something in this , which is going to bring motivation for you . Which is going to be result in true progress of life . After adding one more step in this , You are going to become true knowledgeable & wise person of this planet . Let’s find out ‘how to become intelligent’.

Make a Simple Habit

All you’ve to do is to make a simple habit . After this habit , You are going to be a true intelligent and experienced person in your life . Let me talk about the habit now . The habit is nothing but to apply practically what you read first (a section/topic) . Then , (after completing the practical part related to the section you read) go for another reading part . It is looking so simple and easy when you hear it but follow practically is always slightly difficult . It doesn’t matter that how much reading material you have been through .  But , It matters a lot that how much of it you apply in your life .


For Example

If you read any scripture of the world , there are so many points which look so effective and practically possible . One way is to go through complete book in few days and forget half of the things by the time you complete the book . But , our method is to go through with one part/section of reading first . Then , think that in your mind for a while & try to get ideas that how could you apply those ancient sayings in today’s life . There are many things which we could apply even today from our old Scriptures & get benefit . Their relevance would be there in every generation .

Same way , there are many self-improvement books available in the market . People go through these books and feel motivation for some time . But after a while they get engaged in their life and start forgetting all the teaching which they got from the book . Here , better way to get complete benefit of these books is by applying them instantly in your life and make a habit . For example , If there are 20 chapters in a book , go through with first chapter . Then , find out all the points which could be applicable practically in your life and apply them practically and see the results . If you feel that any point is going to be perfect suit in your present life then you must make it a habit . Go further with other points as well .

Concluding Part

Once you follow this way , You are going to feel a change in you because when you ‘Take In’ something , you’ve to ‘Take Out’ something . When you take in a good thing , You’ve to take out a bad thing related to that . This way , You are going to become a true knowledgeable person that is going to bring some glory for the society as well . After all , You are reading something which is already proved many times in many generations , provided you choose a genuine content .

Why did I say that this knowledge is perfect because experience is attached to it . Once you read something and then apply it in your practical life , definitely you are going to get different results every time you try . This is what we call experience . Your hold on particular knowledge becomes more stronger every time you apply it . Therefore , choice is yours , whether you want to be just known as an intelligent person or really want to become intelligent .

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