How to Activate Spiritual Power of Mind

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You may have heard few sayings or stories in your family or somewhere outside in your life . These are related to follow a task before & after Sleep . These sayings are like always keeping your mind cool before sleep . To do that , You could read something good or think something good , better option is to pray to God . Other sayings are like when you get up in the morning , if you pray to God or you think something good or say something good before doing anything , your entire day is going to go perfect . Do such sayings are linked to spiritual power ?

Even such things are available in the religious text as well . Some text says to pray to God while some text says to see your hands and talk to yourself . Whereas some are having a set of mantras , which are mean to give you peace . When you practice such things in proper way and with full dedication , your mind concentrate on a particular thing . As a result , you get peace of mind and body along with activation of spiritual power . If you follow the same practice in the morning before starting your day , you ensure a peaceful base of the day because your day largely depends on how you start your day .


How to Activate Spiritual Power of Mind - Motivational Blogs - Motivation N You - Roopak Gill Blogs

Working of Subconscious Mind

Why did it say to talk to yourself before sleeping and after sleeping . It has a strong connection with subconscious mind . You know , when we are about to sleep , our eyes are closed & we are into drowsy (Half Sleep) state . This moment , our subconscious mind is active at it’s maximum . This is the time when you could enhance your spiritual power . Whatever you think or say in this time , your subconscious mind will get that more powerfully than comparing to any other time of the day . When your subconscious mind is strong on a particular point & you make your conscious mind strong on that particular point as well . Then , your success is sure in that area , on which you made your point strong in both of the minds .


How to Activate Spiritual Power of Mind - Motivational Blogs - Motivation N You - Roopak Gill Blogs

Other Promotors of This Idea

There are many spiritual organisations throughout the world , which advocate to practice this idea every day in order to get the inner peace of life . People talk about divine power of God . You could activate your spiritual power when you practice this with sincerity . The only thing which is needed to practice this is the detachment to the world and peaceful environment . You must ensure attachment to yourself , to your soul .

You could find many devotees of Himalayas who get up early in the morning around 4 o’clock or 3 o’clock and giving hours in chanting god name verbally or in other practices to connect with divine powers & get spiritual power . I don’t say that you leave your professional life and give many hours a day in this practice . But my idea is if you could give only 5 or 10 minutes every day before sleep and after sleep , you could make it big as well provided you do it every day with all your dedication and peacefulness .


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