How Life Without Technology Could Be More Easy

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People think that , in this technological era their life has become easy . Reason is the work which they used to do in one hour could be possible in five minutes with the help of technology . But , we are going to see that how life without technology is more easy . People choose to use technology in order to reduce their efforts and get more peace and relax in their life but reality is something else. If you go and try to understand further , you would get to know that how this technological time is making you more puzzling and delay in your life . We are going to present two points which are going to prove that how life without technology is more easy .

Mind Diversion

In this digital era , we are having so many social media platforms . People use social media in order to get connected to their friends , family & known people . But it becomes difficult thing when our mind diverts very fast from one thing to other . On one of the social media , you could continue see the activity of your friends & other videos while scrolling down . So , you change it quickly & see another . After a while , you’ve so many things in your mind because you have gone through many activities of your friends . Naturally , It’s difficult to focus your mind on a particular thing . When there are so many things in a particular time in your mind , it becomes a mess in your mind . This could be reason for many mental diseases .

Same way , there is another app which shows the list of your friends . You could see their display pic and status other than communicating with them . While you check out their pics , your mind quickly jumps from one to another within couple of minutes . It becomes mess of friends within your mind because you have gone through so many friends in short span of time . That’s when you think that life without technology is more easy . These are only two examples , there are many platforms of social media today .

I don’t say that there is no use of social media . Social media is perfect when we use it in the way it should be used . When we are fully aware of our point that why we are just need to use social media . Then , we just stick to our target , once we checked what we were supposed to check , we just get out of social media . If you have such control on yourself then it’s perfect to use , otherwise it could make your life difficult & you would be forced to think that why i don’t have life without technology .


How Life without technology is more easy - Motivation N You

More Technology , More Problems

Why do we say more technology more problems . It’s quite simple and practical thing . You take any technological product or service . We’ve to take a lot of care in order to ensure that it’s work smooth for a long time . What happens when it gets out of order , there are couple of possibilities of it . First , you’ve to pay someone to get repair it . Second , your life without technology would become more difficult for a particular time because you’re in the habit of it . But , now you’ve to get back to your old method of doing things . Even there are hidden problems with the technology which you never know and sometimes you know but you couldn’t do anything . To make these all points clear , let me give an example –

For eg . , Let’s take washing machine , You’ve to do some efforts in order to ensure it’s smooth working , like you have to wipe out the washing machine from inside and outside after using it in order to make sure that it doesn’t get rust and other defects . If you are using washing machine in any remote area where there is no access of company service & your washing machine gets out of order . Then , you’ve to do lots of efforts to find a good engineer and to find spare parts .

There are some hidden problems available as well with technology . Like radiation , magnetic rays are present in many of the technological products . Most of the time , we are aware of it . Therefore , whenever we use such technology for the comfort of our life , we’ve to take care of such things & we’ve to use it in the way it should be used .


How Life without technology is more easy - Motivation N You

Concluding Part

There are always two sides of everything . In this blog , i only presented the cons of technology that how could it make a difficult life for us or how life without technology is more easy . But , it doesn’t mean that technology doesn’t have positive side of it . There are many positive sides of it , which motivates to buy that product or service or to go for that technology to make our life easier and happy . My intention is never to stop using technology . I only want you to bring some power of control in your life in order to make technology work for you . I don’t want that it destructs you .

Those who are having technology in their life must know how to use it to get the best result out of it . Those who are not having/using technology shouldn’t feel bad that why he doesn’t have the technology . When you feel such , you get demotivated . Instead , you must feel that life without technology is more easy and feel happy that it’s good that you don’t have technology . After all , our prime motive in life is to live happy . So , the best way , in whatever situation we are , we must find chances to get self-motivation .


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