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Importance of Childhood Memories in Life

Everyone have some childhood memories. There are always positive and negative childhood memories in everyone’s life. We never know that in what situation, we remember which kind of childhood memory. Sometimes, we get to a place where we suddenly remember few childhood memories which are related to that place. Sometimes, we see someon that was a part of our childhood, so we again remember these childhood memories.

Now, we think that why are childhood memories so strong or why are these memories important for our life. As I mentioned above that there are always positive and negative childhood memories in everyone’s life. It signifies that these memories have the power to construct or destruct us. Now, it’s totally upon us that how we use these memories & do we have some control over it.


Effect of Childhood Memories

On one hand childhood memories could make us feel confident & motivational. Whenever we feel stress, that time if we remember positive and harmonious childhood memories, we feel peace and harmony. When we remember any funny incident of childhood, we get into that time for a moment. We start laughing by feeling same as we felt in childhood. By doing so, we forget our worries and stress quickly & get into a happy and progressive world. Now it’s up to you that for how long you wanna take this moment in your life. Therefore, we could say that our childhood memories play an important part in Self-Motivation.

On the other hand, I would say that childhood memories could be a reason for your stress as well. Once you start focusing on negative childhood memories, then it would be one of the reason to destruct you completely, if you follow it for a long time. When you remember any trauma of your childhood and you don’t use your self powers to get rid of it, then it could impact negatively in your life. But when your confidence level is on the top then you could get rid of that trauma and beat the fear by your certain attitude.

I am going to suggest three simple memories by which you could get positive vibes which would motivate you to the progress of life.

Childhood Superheroes

One thing which is widely popular with children is super heroes. In every generation, super heroes are always popular with children. There are plenty of super heroes today whether they come from movies, TV, cartoons or comics. When we talk about 10-15 years back, there were few super heroes as well. Which were widely popular with the children of that time. Obviously, those children are adults now but they have a particular image of their super heroes still in their mind.

Being an adult, if you watch your super heroes today, you would gain something out of it. One way is that you get your old positive memories back because it is your favourite superhero & it gives you happiness. Whenever you watch it or hear the name of the superhero, you feel excited. Another way, every superhero story has a harmonious message for Society & Human Beings. So, it may be possible that when you used to watch the super hero in your childhood, you didn’t understand it’s message completely. But when you watch it today when you are adult, you would understand it and you could use it somehow for the betterment of society. Therefore, by this way you would get immense self-motivation and confidence from your childhood memories related to super heroes.


School Days Memories

No matter how progressive you are in your life but you never forget your school life memories. It’s a known fact that whenever you remember your old school days and the fun, you couldn’t resist smiling expressions on your face. You get it naturally because you feel happy from inside. School days memories are extremely important in order to refreshing our mind. Nothing better than when you have a get together with your old school friends after long time. When you start sharing your school memories with each other, you forget your present being for a moment. You get into past and live into past which gives you amazing & required change in your life, which leads you to relax of mind & body.


Childhood Celebrations

Another moment of motivation is when you remember your childhood celebrations & holidays. There must be celebrations of different occasions. When you think about these childhood celebrations & the fun having in the celebrations, you feel joyous & cool. It could become one of the reason for your peace of mind and body. Once your mind and body is peaceful, you feel the power of self motivation.


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