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Before I speak on a thief, i want to ask you something. Tell me guys who are the most important people in this world. You may pick several positions or departments in the world, which are the most important & respectful. Your answer may vary from each other. I could assume few of them, the most important people of the world could be a Prime Minister or a President or Chief Minister or a company head(businessman), a Karmayogi spiritual guru (in hindi कर्मयोगी),  those who are in senior most positions in several departments of government or semi government or private companies. After that I would say spiritual gurus, a sportsman, an actor & so on. I guess, you may be thinking same as me.

Above all personalities are having one quality in common. I am gonna discuss this common quality later on. The most interesting part is that this common quality is matching with a most disgraceful and degraded man of our society, who we call a thief. A thief is a person that is the most disrespectful and dishonourable in our society. Guys, I am gonna divide the further talk into two parts. I am gonna start with that how the common quality of most respectful & important people helped them in their life, in their profession. After that, in second part, i am gonna speak about a thief that how this matching quality help him in his profession. And if a thief keeps that matching quality but get rid of other wrongdoings, then he could become the most important person of the world as well.

Common/Matching Quality –

Emotional Maturity


How this help most important people of the world –


1. A PM or President –

As far as a PM or President is concerned he is the most powerful person for a state. In some countries/states a PM has more powers compared to a president. In some states/countries, a president has more power compared to a Prime Minister. So, he/she is the top most person for any country. A PM or a president has to take all important decisions for a country and you may not be wonder that they don’t take a single decision based on emotions. A PM has to remain calm and peaceful all the time and in any crisis, in any situation of a country he first analyses whole situation, concern with his team then speak on it. He never speaks emotionally/partial. A PM has to remain neutral or we call it emotionally mature most of the time. After all, it is the matter of a country.


2. A CEO/head of a company (Businessman) –

Similar as a PM, A CEO of a company needs to remain emotionally mature in order to run a company smoothly. A CEO decisions couldn’t be partial at any point of time. His decisions must be for the future of company. A CEO never reacts at the spot on any problem of the company. He/she first analyses the whole situation, speak to his teammates/subordinates, then arrive on a particular decision. Which is always in favour of a company unlike for any individual. A CEO always works to fulfil the targets of the company and for that he must be emotionally mature. He has to ignore/win over so many emotions, it could be family/personal life emotions, or it could be his teammates/professional life emotions. Altogether a CEO is/must be emotionally mature in order to run a company smoothly.


3. A sportsperson –

There are two times in a sportsperson life when he needs to be emotionally mature. First, the process by go through which an ordinary guy becomes a sportsman. I mean the struggling time, when a sportsman goes for training, practice a lot. This time, a sportsman has to be emotionally mature, very strong and straight focus to become star in that particular game. All this time, a sports person needs to be impartial or neutral to all family issues, social issues & personal issues.

Second, when a sportsperson performs and when he has to play for a country or for a state or for any Academy. A sports person has a lot of pressure while playing. A sportsman mind must be emotionally mature & neutral in order to beat fear. He has to just focus on the game. Imagine, you are a cricketer and playing for a country. When you bat, you couldn’t afford to think anything else then to focus on the ball. Your mind must be neutral in order to play well.

Emotional Maturity & a Thief –

I guess as for emotional maturity a thief is the best example. You may agree guys that when a thief goes for his work (theft) at night or in a day. He doesn’t bother anything other than his main target which is to theft. A thief doesn’t bother who are living there(the place where he is planning to go for theft), he doesn’t bother what is their financial, social condition, he doesn’t bother if he ever crosses any worship place. In short, he has nothing to do with anything other than to theft. Generally, we all know this is wrong doing because you get/earn something by working hard but somebody else just steals it in a moment. So it’s a crime and it’s not good for anyway for anybody, it’s just a sin of the society. You don’t have any right to steal anything which doesn’t belong to you.

Here I wanna get your attention to a big quality of a thief, which is emotional maturity. He is the best example of emotional maturity because when he goes for theft, his target is clear & his mind is impartial. Any power of the world couldn’t stop him for his karma (action). Although, this is wrong but this is what a thief considers his karma (action).


Conclusion –

Well, in the concluding part if a thief gets motivation from somewhere and wants to change his profession or to leave his theft work. He could be the most successful person, i guess you already understood what I am trying to say. It is clear from the above stuff that emotional maturity could bring a high success in your life provided you use it for a right reason/cause. So if a thief is ready to change his profession, he could be successful in most of the jobs all around the globe because he is having a quality which is most required for world’s famous and important jobs.

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