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Women Power & Inspiration

According to WHO publishing updated in November 2017 , about one in every three women have experienced either physical or sexual violence against her in their lifetime . Most of the time , the violence was done by intimate partner . This is actually an irony of the society that someone who is the strongest among all is facing such violence in the society . ‘A Woman’ that was made that strong by God , who bear extreme level of pain in her life , which a man couldn’t even think of . All along , God felt lack of beauty in this world , so made a woman beautiful and soft from outside . Unfortunately , this became the reason for a man to think that a woman is weak because her muscle and power strength is not as much strong as a man .

In this blog , We are going to tell that about women power & how a woman is true inspiration in front of all of us . There are so many learnings we could learn from a woman life . There is something wonderful and extraordinary with a woman . That’s why we could find many texts available in our ancient times as well , which talk about all greatness of women . Even today , we get to know about the achievements of women in different areas through different mediums . Therefore , this blog is another reminder for everyone to stop woman violence and start respecting her . Let’s start with women power & inspiration that how a woman is strong . We’ve divided it into three parts , Let’s have a look .

Physically & Mentally Strong – Women Power

I mentioned earlier in this blog that a woman may not have as big muscles as a man but it doesn’t mean that a woman isn’t physically strong . Whether we look into a household woman life or a business woman life , who works professionally . In both of their lives , human efforts or physical efforts are very much present . When we talk about domestic work , a woman day starts in the early morning and it goes till late night . 

For all domestic work , a woman has to use her physical power . Physical strength is very much needed in all these household chores . When we talk about women in villages , women power for physical strength is very high . They are involved in so many physical activities related to animals , farms or household . Which need a lot of strength . Sometimes , They’ve to work in agricultural fields . They lift up the bundle of crops on the head , which is quite massive . Same goes with animal fodder , cow dung & others . Such tasks are the part of their day to day life in villages .

On the other hand , when we talk about professional working women , they may not lift heavy things over their head but they’re involved in physical activities as well . Whether these are related to her personal or professional life because most of the working women also take care of their families , children in the same time . Same way , women are mentally strong because they know that how to make a perfect balance in not only their life but in the life of their families as well . A woman has the ability to run a perfect relationship to her husband , parents , children’s at the same time . They take care of everything in an exceptional way . It takes a lot of mental strength & maturity to have such a perfect balance in relationships & this is called women power.


Biologically Strong

In this section , I just want to say that whenever you face any sort of pain in your life , just remember women , who deal with extreme pain during childbirth & during their menstrual cycle . There may be other time as well in a woman’s life when she faces extreme pain but these are the two most common thing for women , when they’ve to go through such painful process which men couldn’t even think of . By knowing this , could anybody say that a woman is weak , even she is many times stronger than a man . There are some societies in the world which are having their own taboo things to do with woman . Which includes some sort of painful processes . But these things are limited only to some societies & declining in today’s era of technology . 


Time Management

There are many articles available on time management . But , if you practically want to see how time is managed perfectly , then you need to get a glimpse of women power in a woman life while managing her house and her professional life simultaneously . Everybody has 24 hours in a day so women have , but they have excellent skill of time management . They complete their sleep hours , give time for children , make them ready for school . Then , take care of her husband & make him ready for office . All along , She takes care of her parents at home . If she’s a working woman then after doing all this , She set off for her office & manage time perfectly over there as well . She works like a professional & complete her working commitments . Later , She comes back home and again use her time magically and complete required task on time .

This is just one scenario of working for woman , there could be many others living style of woman . We may see this working style of women easily in our society . We hardly give attention to this women power or the charisma of women in our society because this is common to our society . It’s a human tendency to give less attention to something which is common . Otherwise , this is a perfect case study of time management . If someone wants to do something great in his life but having problem of Time Management . He must understand this from a working lady or a household lady and apply this skill in his life for success .


Ending Note

A woman life is a true inspiration for this world . Women life is full of struggle . This struggle becomes more hard when it comes to those societies which discriminate between a girl and a boy child . Imagine , a girl who doesn’t study thanks to her parents who didn’t allow her because she is a girl . Due to this lack of education in her life , her life becomes very tough . She gets to marry and struggle a lot to understand things but still this is all great of a women (women power) that she runs her own and her family life in best possible ways to progress and prosperity . Many such examples are present in our society . In this way , we could say that woman are the true inspiration & a living legend in this world .

Therefore , If you are a girl , you must say thanks to God that he chose you to be a girl because he must have felt that you are the strongest one to lead this hard life & become an inspiration . On the other hand , If you are a boy you must feel happy that God has chosen you to protect this beautiful & strongest creation of god , of the world . You must feel a responsibility to make this world peaceful and harmonious . When you go to protect women power , you become more powerful because only super powers could protect powerful things .

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