Blog 85

Value the Goal Achieved

A candidate works hard for civil services exam (or Govt. Jobs Exam) & make a goal to be selected as government officer . He cleared Exam, get selected & the goal achieved. After few years , We see the same candidate or official become corrupt and involved in bribe . 

A fat person goes to gym in order to become slim . He works out very hard and achieve his goal (to be slim) in few quarters . But after sometime , he stops working out and become fat again .

When we are near to promotion , we work hard & get promotion (goal achieved) . After that , We again go back to our comfort zone & don’t work as hard as earlier .

We make a goal to buy a new car by the end of the year . We save money somehow and buy it within the decided time limit . Before buying that car , We used to dream a lot that how would we care for it , how safely would we drive it . We would keep it clean all the time . But , once we have bought the car , We don’t care about the pre decided things . Now , when it comes to driving we just don’t drive it but fly it and hardly we get time to clean it .

A student works hard for his upcoming exams to get a good rank . He studies hard and get good rank (goal achieved) . After that , He gets overconfident & don’t study much . As a result , In next exams he doesn’t get the good rank .

A Salesman sets a goal to achieve his monthly target . He achieves it in mere 20 days . After that , he becomes silent & do no efforts for more sales and revenue generation for his company because his targets are over . Somewhere , It results in his late promotion and other benefits .

A sportsperson works extremely hard to get selection in the national team of his country . He gets select and play for his country (goal achieved) . But , after sometime he gets involved in other luxury / comforts of life . Which impact his game negatively and he lost place from the national team .

Above all examples are taken from real life . I don’t say it happens to everybody but it happens to many of us in different situations . These examples are taken from different areas of work . But , there is something common in these examples that someone makes a goal but don’t give it any importance after the goal achieved . Therefore , there is an important phrase coming out from these examples , which is –


There is no value of goal the moment we achieve it


There are people that value the goal achieved . That’s why they keep shinning level to level . They make new goals but they don’t degrade the value of the previous goal (the goal achieved) , they work more harder than earlier . They don’t become overconfident , they don’t get over excited from the success they get . Rather , they keep focus on the goal no matter how many successes they got and keep the momentum in their working area for many years . At last , they become famous personality of their area of work . Later , it becomes an inspiration for many in this world .

Therefore , our only motive for this blog is to point out that in general , we don’t value the goal achieved . But , We must think at the time and try to make alive the feelings which we were having before that success . We were having hunger to reach to our goal . We must get this hunger for our journey (of success) in order to become a leader of the particular area . So , We must retain the importance of the goal even after achieving it .

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