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It’s been seen many times that we get into a situation but we don’t ready to accept that situation . We wish to stay out from that situation instead of going forward . But , that is not possible every time . Once a time we’ve to accept that situation , there is no way out . But , We don’t ready to except what our destiny has given to us . Our family members / relatives always think that what is wrong with this guy . That he has negative attitude to things that he doesn’t accept anything .

Same way , many people have problem of not accepting other people . It’s been seen in family as well . When parents go old , their children start discarding them from their mind . They just don’t accept their parents . Those parents that gave their life in growing up of their children . They sacrificed a lot to give a better life for their children . But the children don’t bother to throw out their parent out of home .

Even in corporate world , there are many situations when we find it hard to accept our colleagues . Many times , We find it hard to accept the opinion of even our boss . The opinion which is best in that time frame . Why do we feel it hard to accept things in our life . We don’t say to accept everything which comes to us . Of course it is not possible , It could be crazy to do so . In this fast life , We’ve to choose one thing out of many . This process goes throughout the life . But , sometimes we make such a behaviour in which we start discarding every good thing .

Complete ignorance is not the solution to any problem . You couldn’t escape every time . When you are not ready to face the reality it doesn’t mean that you just don’t accept it . It is going to take a person into deep stress because it separates you from the world / reality . A person must know the art of accepting things in his life . Because once we accept things only then we are going to understand things . Once we accept only then we are going to understand the world . Let me discuss below the prime reason behind non – acceptance .

The Reason

Above , We discussed the non-acceptance of external things but the reason for the non acceptance of external things is internal . When we don’t accept ourselves then we don’t accept the world . When we are dissatisfied with our life somewhere , when our mind isn’t peaceful , when it doesn’t obey and accept constructive thoughts it becomes destructive and violent , which brings imbalance in our life . We don’t feel relax at all . At this time , It becomes really difficult to accept outside elements like situation , people , family or something else .

There may be many reasons when we don’t accept ourselves . It could be that we are not happy with the work we are doing . We are not happy with any person in our life or any situation which make us stressful and unrelaxed all the time . Sometimes , it’s our physical appearance which we don’t like . In such a situation , there is going to be unbalance in some required things of life like sleep , food , water and so on . Due to which our health also deteriorates and we start disliking everything which comes to us , no matter how beautiful it is to the world . Therefore , the habit of non acceptance of outside things starts from here .


The Solution

Self acceptance must be there in order to accept the world and for that you’ve to believe in a phrase that “Everything happens for good” . Whatever is happening to us in our life , it’s only for the betterment of us . When we start relating this phrase with our life reality strongly , then we are going to understand life easily . It’s a fact guys that whatever happens to us in our life , It’s the most required thing for our life . You could try it practically in your life , results would be there in front of you .

After believing in all this , when you slowly start applying it practically in your life that whenever you find anything wrong happening to your life and you try remaining quiet and calm and see what is going to be next without losing your temper . When you are cool you could learn so many things out of that problem which is going to help to mend your future . When you practice it more and more in your life , You start enjoying it and your point of view would change .

After this , a problem is no more a problem for you . You would see a chance to learn and gain more and more knowledge from that particular situation , which you were calling a problem earlier . Overall idea is to make you happy , make you feel motivational and confident maximum time for a day . When you start feeling energetic in your life , You would find it easy to accept the outside elements and have the power of decision-making that how to treat these elements in the right way . It’s all about the positive attitude and self belief which is going to help us to accept ourselves first followed by the acceptance of the world .

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