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In this blog , I am going to talk about that fear which we get in our young age or in school age . This fear could be related to anything and in general , we think that when we would become adult the problem would go off but the reality is different . When you don’t work to remove that problem and don’t give attention to it , it remains a problem for you forever . Therefore , this is the time when we’ve to think on such issues which are internal and personal . Before going further let we see some examples of childhood or school age fear to get a strong idea .



Imagine , you start riding bike in your school days , one day you got an accident and you get extreme fear out of that accident . It becomes the fear of bike ride in your mind . You start getting fear for another bike ride . So , you never touch any bike after this incident . Time flies away but this fear of bike remained with you because you never try to break this fear . Whenever it comes to ride a bike , you always think that you will see it later . You think that when you will get into professional age , you would start riding automatically but it never happens because the fear which got its roots in your mind is never getting it done .

Same way , You get fear of car driving sometimes . Now , Imagine there is an emergency in your family and you have to rush someone to the hospital urgently . A car is there in your house but no driver is available apart from you . In such a situation , the fear is still there in your mind and you would find it extremely hard to drive that car because the fear is overcoming or dominating your willingness to drive car .

In another example , I would say that sometimes people get afraid of loud voice or sound in their small age , It could be loud voice of one of their family member which make them afraid every time they hear it . This fear could be very dangerous , It keeps you dull many times , in many situations of your life . Even when you become adult , you get instant fear whenever you hear loud voice . As Life is not a Bed of Roses , We’ve to face loud voice in some situations and there we have to fight it by not fearing it .

In many cases , It’s been seen that a child feels a sort of fear while speaking , reason could be any , It could be that he is poor in studies and the teacher punishes him whenever he tries to open his mouth . But the reality is , he doesn’t speak much , he doesn’t try to remove the barrier . Due to which he doesn’t feel free at all while speaking . Confidence speaking is the key to success in today’s world so if we don’t hit hard the fear , it is going to be a problem forever .

What To Do

First of all , the child and their parents have to accept that if the childhood fear is not removed as early as possible , It is going to be there forever .


Parents Responsibility

It’s more of parents responsibility than the child to observe the child activities from school days and see if any sort of fear stopping your child progress . Parents must take this charge & ensure fear free life of their children . Methods could be different , It could include some creativity which is different from parent to parent . I mean to say parents know the best for their children . Apart from this , there is the common thing which every parent could apply , that is diet plan . You must take care of the intake of your child that what does he / she eat and what he / she should eat . Focus on more fruits and dry fruits to make them healthy and sharp from body and mind .


Self Responsibility 

All along , there is responsibility for the adult who got this problem from his childhood age . Imagine , You are afraid of speaking in public . You got this problem from your school age but now you are an adult and you are aware about this problem . Now , You must act something to get rid of this fear . There could be many ways , You could start speaking by standing in front of mirror and talk to yourself , You could go to join communication classes to get confidence and fluency in your speaking . There could be other creative ways which you know the best . Just apply & beat the fear of school age .

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