Delhi waked up on 7th & 8th of November 2017 and witnessed extreme smog in the morning. It is one of the most Smoggy day in recent times. Not to say of old and ill people of Delhi, this smog is even dangerous for a healthy person. Delhi CM Mr Arvind Kejriwal has blamed stubble burning in neighbouring states. Even High Court asked neighbouring states that what actions taken for crop burning. Deputy CM of Delhi Mr. Sisodia has announced holiday for primary schools on 8th of November. Every year this hazardous smog becomes major news in India’s capital. Therefore, hashtag DelhiSmog is natural to trend on Twitter. Let’s look on the few trending tweets below:

Manish Shaarma tweets
Who needs Instagram filters when you have #DelhiSmog. Click here


Firstpost posts
As #Delhi’s air quality declines, vehicle parking fee hiked by four times to curb pollution #DelhiSmog Click here


News Editor Zakka Jacob tweets
This is the air purifier at work. Hazardous level. 5 is highest. Red is danger zone. And this is inside office! #DeathByBreath #DelhiSmog Click here

Comedian Atul Khatri Tweets

Dear Delhi,

U can take our tax money, build your infrastructure but u can’t take away our Arabian Sea & breeze



Click here


Zee News Tweets
#DelhiSmog: CISF issues 9,000 masks to jawans on duty as air pollution gets worse Click here


Journalist Jagrati Shukla Tweets
Union environment minister Harsh Vardhan requests Govts of Punjab, Haryana & UP to implement ban related to stubble burning #smog #DelhiSmog Click here 


Sabari Tweets
.@AmazonIN has indoor air purifier and pollution masks in its home page suggestions ?! #DelhiSmog #CategoryManagement Click here


Arshi Gupta Tweets
It’s 11:17 AM and Delhi is a veritable gas chamber. @ArvindKejriwal this seems like a good time to implement odd-even. What’s the hold-up? #DelhiSmog Click here

Harjinder S Kukreja Tweets
My son, Rehras with his wearable plant.?Maybe it can help him breathe clean air. #DelhiSmog #DelhiChokes #SmogInDelhi #MyRightToBreathe Click here


Sharad Saxena Tweets
for those who blindly blame #Haryana & #Punjab for #smogindelhi ok let’s c

Nearest point of #punjab is 156 km (kurukshetra border) fm Delhi

pls share PM2.5 & PM10 data of karnal, panipat & sonipat bcoz these areas shud b more polluted than #DelhiSmog @mlkhattar @capt_amarinder Click here


The Quint Tweets
#SmogInDelhi | Speeding cars crash into each other on #YamunaExpressway between Agra and Mathura.
Heavy smog taking a toll on commuters. Click here

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