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Salesman Skills

Guys I am going to write on a topic which is widely popular in the world. You go in any corner of the world, you are going to find a job called SALESMAN. The exact designation maybe differs from company to company. Few companies name it as sales executive, some call it sales promoter or territory executive, territory manager, team leader & like others. A salesman could sell any product or service. Almost every company in the world has this position but still, in many parts of the world, sales job is considered as a degraded/low profile job & ignore salesman skills.

If you are a child and someone ask you about what do you want to be while growing up. If you would say I want to be a salesman then your parents may force you to change your decision because it is widely hated job. Some people have a perception that when you don’t have any job you could go for a sales job. If you are not able to do any work in the world you could do sales or you should go into sales & become a salesman. Here, I am going to present 5 practical and logical points of salesman skills, which are going to make sure that sales man job is not a degraded job even it could transform you in a most successful man unlike other jobs. Here we go –


Only a Salesman Earns Directly

In any company, sales department is the only department which aims for direct earning for the company and the warriors are salesmen. Speaking of other departments, they never give direct earning to a company. In fact, a company needs to invest lots of money on others departments time to time. However, every department have skills & hardwork involved for progressive function of the company. Let’s take HR department, it hires people and train people for the job. For this whole process, a company spends a lot of money & resources. Finance department only take care of finance part, Accounts department takes care of accounts. We could say accounts department takes care of the money, which is earned by salesmen of that company. Therefore, only sales people having salesman skills / salesperson skills have the guts to earn direct money for the company.



Salesman is the only person(s) in the company that run throughout the market. In other words, we could say a salesman has the practical and updated knowledge of market that how market runs or which business is growing or declining these days. A salesman could even get that information of market which is extremely crucial and important. No matter how rich you are, you couldn’t get it without actually going to market and spend some time with traders, businessman. When you’ve complete knowledge of a particular market and businesses running there. Then, it wouldn’t be a tough thing for you to make your future as a businessman & become employer and give employment to others. A salesman could do this in very short spans of time, it’s depending on salesman skills like his ability & absorbing power of knowledge/information/ideas.


Reference Building

Another important benefit to be a salesman is reference building. When you see your clients on frequent basis, somewhere you naturally setup business/work relationship with them. Hence, even if you change your company but you know your old clients, then you could use that acquaintances for your new company. Moreover, if you start your own venture, you could get immense help from these references. In this digital era, importance of reference network has increased. Many referral programs on Internet are very common these days. What if, you have real reference from real market, it’s going to be very fruitful for a salesperson & his business. A salesperson actually earns this reference circle from his salesman skills.


Expert at Speaking

This is another important one of many salesman skills. If I would ask you that what should be the main attribute of a salesman. Most of you are gonna say ‘speaking skills’. If you are a salesman, you have to speak a lot. In fact, if you are a tele-salesperson you’ve to speak a lot over telephone or mobile. For this job you get into a continuous practice of speaking. You improve your speaking skills with time according to the need and requirement of the market and your company. Your vocal tools get improved, you get more clarity and confidence over time in your speaking style. We couldn’t forget that speaking skills are extremely important in today’s time. As we always say that the world’s most influential leaders are the most influential speakers.


Sky is the Limit

By saying this, I mean to say there is no limit of promotions and earning in sales job. There are huge incentives involved in every sale you get. The incentive percentage/ratio differs from company to company but compare to other departments you get far good incentives & perks. Being a salesman you becomes expert of market with time. No company in the world loves to lose experts of market. Naturally, to retain you they have to keep you delighted all the time by giving promotions time to time or before time. Hence, I rightly said that sky is the limit if you are a Salesman & having salesman skills.


Concluding Note

In the ending note, I just want to mention one thing that if you are a salesman you must feel extreme confidence and self motivation because you’ve all the opportunities & salesman skills which others may not have. Don’t forget to thank god for giving you role of a salesman/salesperson once in your life. For those who ain’t into sales job but have a negative view for such jobs. I just want to mention one thing that a salesman could be wrong sometimes for something as five fingers are not equal. There are criminal minds everywhere even on top positions & in other sort of jobs as well. But it doesn’t mean that sales job is bad and more of that a salesman has no dignity.

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