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In today’s world , what is the most common way we follow to know the progress of someone , A thing which friends want to know when they see each other after a long time . Undoubtedly , it is the earning or salary which we see first before judging someone . When we see a new guy at the first time , the first thing we wanna know is their salary that how much is he/she earning . Our future talking is mostly based on the answer we get , the response we get . Why do we need to ask salary of someone because we don’t know any better method to judge someone or to know someone . But , the reality is , only salary or earning of someone couldn’t give us the fair view of the person .

It’s a fact that who has money doesn’t mean that he could be an honest person or he is supreme of all . There are many people in this world that are billionaire but don’t have any respect . On the other hand , there are people who are not that rich but they have regard and respect in public . There are always many ways through which we could earn money in short time . There are many examples in the world , who became billionaire in their life but ended up in prison / jail . Out of all this , one thing is clear that money doesn’t give anyone a certificate of honesty , righteousness and quality of life .

We are not against the salary asking habit but our point is that why don’t we adopt another method to judge people , which is more accurate & effective than salary asking . The beauty of this method is that we would gain something out of it & it would ensure our progress . Straightaway let me jump on the method .

The Method

Before starting the method , let me ask you one thing that which one of the following is more important & big in life – 1. Money 2. Knowledge . I guess , most of you think that knowledge is really important than money , if you have knowledge , You could easily earn money . You could use money at limited places but could use knowledge everywhere . Overall , You agree on that knowledge is more important than money .

After getting understanding on this , all you have to do is to try to know that how knowledgeable is the next person , instead of only knowing their richness (asking salary) . Now , the question is how to know that how much knowledgeable the other person is . You could know this only when you are knowledgeable enough to identify . When I talk about knowledge it doesn’t mean the book knowledge , I’m talking about the life’s knowledge , practical knowledge which is required for a real-life . Therefore , when you go behind the knowledge , you get to know more about the person in comparison of you just ask salary provided you have the knowledge yourself first .

Here , you maybe in the confusing state of mind that how is it possible to get knowledge of all areas . I never asked you to get knowledge of all areas . Here , We are talking about the knowledge of life . Which must be there with everybody in this world , where you want to live a quality life . Knowledge like what should you eat in your living conditions or how to heal injury in best possible ways . If there is no doctor then how would you deal with an injury or which type of clothes you should wear , which is perfect for your skin . Sense of such things must be there with everybody regardless of their profession , background and we are talking about the true knowledge .

Now , when we would want to know that how knowledgeable someone is . First , We’ve to become knowledgeable in such areas . For that we have to get the knowledge and apply practically to get its results . After applying it , whatever experience you get we call it knowledge . When we start judging people in such a way , we get to know the true progress of him along with ensuring our progress because ultimately we are gaining knowledge .

Maybe the habit of salary asking is not there throughout the world but in many parts of the world it exists . Sometimes , people get too much fed up of this habit because wherever they go the first thing another person asks that how much do you earn . We’ve made it the most important , but it isn’t that important to real . In the concluding part , I must add that if you are more connected to yourself , to spirituality , to meditation then you could know maximum of the next person without asking him anything , by only observing his personality , his body language .

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