Blog 84

You would wonder for a second that how come I am saying that enough of knowledge or stop getting knowledge , after more than 80 blogs in which I shared some sort of knowledge only . In general , If we hear somewhere that stop gaining knowledge , naturally , We are going to take it negatively that knowledge is about to gain how could we stop taking knowledge . But , In this blog , We are gonna talk about certain times when we’ve to stop gaining knowledge .

Such times if you don’t stop taking knowledge it becomes mess in your mind . There is a saying that no knowledge is a waste . I firmly believe on this saying that whatever knowledge we get in our life is never to go waste . We get time at least once , when we’ve to use that knowledge . All along , there are times when we need to say no to new knowledge , when we need to say to ourselves that it’s enough of knowledge . When all should we say this & why should we say this , Let’s know it .

Why No Knowledge

When we gain many ideas / knowledge in a short span of time but unable to manage it in our mind , that time we’ve to stop gaining knowledge . Every knowledge is useful as we discussed earlier that no knowledge is a waste . But sometimes , our mind is unable to adjust to the knowledge we get . Our mind is unable to follow a single knowledge because it is confused with many knowledges . In such a situation , It becomes a mess in our mind and the results are worst . We are going to end up in immense stress and mind disturbance . We would be unable to focus our mind on a particular thing , on a particular work because our mind is fighting with different ideas or knowledge which we’ve given to it .

Such a situation could happen to many aspects of our life , like if you want to cook a new dish but don’t know the recipe . You go to Internet and start watching videos related to that particular dish that how to prepare it . You watch many videos one after another . All along , You get videos notification in sidebar related to other dishes . You click on that and start watching those videos as well .

So , after sometime your mind is going to be in a confused state because you have many ideas / knowledge in the same time and it is hard to decide that which knowledge to accept & which to ignore / reject because all are related to each other . After that if you continue to gain knowledge , It is going to be a trouble in your mind so better you say to your mind that it’s enough of knowledge , It’s time to relax .


Today’s Scenario

When we talk about today’s world , It’s quite easy to get knowledge . We get into such a situation easily today that we get knowledge even when we don’t need it . Sometimes , We’ve to take it even when we are not ready for it . Thanks to easy access to Internet and social media that we get knowledge , Ideas on any topic of the world quite easy and there is no limitation for it . If you are not fulfilled with one video / article , then you could watch as many videos or go through as many articles as you wish . There is no limitation of knowledge at all .

Therefore , In such a scenario you’ve to take a call yourself . Whenever you feel that it’s burden of knowledge on you , You are getting knowledge unnecessarily then you’ve to say yourself that it’s enough of knowledge , You’ve to relax . You must be courageous enough to stop using the source of knowledge at the moment . If you are watching videos one after another then you must stop it at the moment and relax your mind and body . Knowledge gaining is extreme important part of our life . If you don’t gain knowledge you’re nowhere . At the same time , I say , there are some situations when there is overflowing of knowledge . We get it when we don’t need it , here we gotta say ‘Enough of Knowledge’ .

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