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How to Save Business Partnership

People get into a partnership with many dreams for future . They see their progress with business partnership in long way . But , statistics show that more than 70% business partnerships fail worldwide whether small or big . Our blog is concentrated on small business partnership failure . Whether in metro cities or in small cities or in rural areas , we’ve seen that two persons get into a business partnership & agree to run a business according to their capacities . In many cases these two persons are either friends or in a family relation .

Before getting into a partnership , they both feel that their thinking process is quite same & they’ve got the privilege to do business . They both will run the business successfully and they would be able to take right decisions at the right time . In short , they are fully confident for the business partnership . But , what happens that after a short period of time they commit breach of partnership . They both decide to split away . They have spent so much energy , money & mind all this time but now it’s all waste .

We could understand if there is any valid reason / logic of the split . But , unfortunately in many cases the reason is just small . People break partnership based on few misconceptions in their mind . After a while , they realise that they did mistake by focusing on small issues and break the partnership or break the dream which they had before the partnership . Let me discuss first that why partnerships are important followed by how to save partnerships . 

Why is a Business Partnership Important

People get into partnership with a motive . When their motive is not fulfilled , they get negativity . Now , this negativity is not only bad for their families but for the entire society . The positives or negatives of a partnership are not only associated to that person or for the family but it is connected to the world . If two people are getting into partnership and then break it on silly issues . Then , It is largely possible (as far as less mature people are concerned) that both of them are going to speak ill against each other in public (to their acquaintances) instead of introspecting themselves .

So , somehow they give stressful thing or a negativity to the world . Which is not a good signal for progress . Apart from this , these two partners that are splitting away on minor issues could be best friends before . But , after splitting their friendship flies away along with family relations between these two families . When partnerships are broken away on minor & meaningless things , then it is going to bring destruction in the society .

Do We Really Need to Ask Salary to Judge Someone !!

How To Save Business Partnerships

Let’s look down for the points which are going to save partnerships . Find out below that what are the possible psychological reasons for partnerships breach and what to do to save a business partnership . Below points are concerned to the partners & if they follow these tips , it could bring major progressive change in their partnership experience .


Mind Your Words

There is a popular phrase that ‘Think Before You Speak’ . This phrase actually gives us a teaching that we must think before speaking . Same thing goes with partnerships . Speaking of small partnerships , partners talk to each other many times a day generally . Sometimes , It happens that one person speaks something which he shouldn’t have spoken , the other person (partner) minds those words .

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Later on , It becomes the prime reason for partnership failure . Amazingly , It’s quite a common thing and we’ve heard it many times that think before speaking , but practically , we fail sometimes . Therefore , from next time we’ve to make it a point that we are going to think twice before speaking . If we realise & accept that we’ve spoken something wrong , we won’t delay it with a second to say sorry to our partner .


Remember Your Purpose / Aim

Every partner has a purpose or a goal to get into a business partnership . But , when you get distracted from anything outside while in a partnership , you get thoughts to leave partnership . Here , at least once , you must remember your purpose . Even , you could make it a habit to remember your purpose every day . When you do this , Your standard of thinking would be at a certain level .

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After that , anything of small level wouldn’t affect your work , your aim . Even , we could use same strategy in our life as well . For that , first we’ve to set a goal for our life . After that , whenever we get unwanted things or unwanted feelings like anger , greed , lust & so on , all we have to do is to remember our purpose of life . After which , we are going to go far away from all distractions of our life because we are going to focus on our goal which is going to bring peace , harmony and goodwill for our life .


Misunderstanding Kills Partnerships

Another main factor in failure of business partnership is misunderstanding between partners . Misunderstanding could come from anywhere , any time . Sometimes , We delay in identifying wrong interpretation & regret after the loss we occur from this . Talking is one of the solution for misunderstanding . Whenever you feel that there is something fishy . You must approach your partner & talk frankly the issue you’ve in your mind . It is a fact that in most of the cases , people don’t talk to each other and misunderstanding goes high and high . Which results in the breach of partnerships . For smooth partnerships , both parties must have that maturity level to take things in the right way , in progressive way . your point of view must be positive and constructive . If one of the partner have negative approach to life , then it would be very hard to run the partnership .

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Concluding Part

I presented only psychological part to save partnerships . You could find the technical (remedies) part easy through different sources . By going through above tips , one may easily say that these are quite normal things . There was no need to write such a blog with such simple remedies . But , it is a fact that when we look into the partnerships between people having narrow thinking (educated or non educated) , they don’t have that maturity level of understanding .

Their partnerships fail upon small and petty issues . Which affect not only their life but their family’s life as well . They are not trained people but still if they take care of small basic things , They would do well in their business or for the purpose after which they got into business partnership . So at last , I dedicate this blog to small-scale partners that play an important role in the economy of any country .

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