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How to Eradicate Child Labour

According to International Labour Organization , around 218 Million childrens (between 5 – 17 age) are in employment worldwide . No doubt child labour is one of the major problem in front of the world because it takes away childhood from a child . It hampers the process of growing up of a child . Due to working in small age , a child gets remain without education . There are many more disadvantages of child labour for a child along with the society and their families . There are many organisations / NGOs throughout the world which work for the protection against child labour . Many organisations work with the coordination of state police and try to take out children from child labour .

There could be many situations in which a child has to work in his playing age . Major is poverty , due to which their parents have to put their child into work . If they have their own small scale business like road side hawkers . They start keeping their child with them and make them work and earn some money for the family . In other case , they send their child outside to work for someone else . I guess it’s not an uncommon thing to see any child serving tea at a tea stall or working at a garment shop and so on . You enter into any market of the world , You are going to see many children working over there . Either they work for their family businesses or work for others .

Now , one way is to stop these children to work and give them a platform of education & a complete environment , which any normal guy of their age should get . For that , many organisations / NGOs are working . Many people in these organisations are extremely serious about their job . They have a dream to see this world Child Labour Free . Such a job could be done through registered or authorised organisations only . Not every person could do this . There could be many hurdles in the process . So , If you have a team and have the support of legal authorities like police department , then you could go forward . But , if you are a single person , If you are a normal household , how would you help in the protection for child . We are having the answer below .

The Answer

Socially , We have many problems all around . Being common men , We think sometimes that these problems are so big and how could we contribute as an individual , for eg . to get rid of poverty . But , If we think for a while and try to research out for the measures , which could be helpful for an individual in the reduction of any problem . Then , we are going to get few solutions for sure , which are going to be effective as well . Same way , the problem of child labour has a solution which every individual could contribute in . This solution is going to change the game itself , I mean the destiny of the child .

As an individual , all you have to do is to give teaching to that child . We go in market , whenever we see any child working somewhere , We must get some time to talk to him . There start our teaching session . I’m not talking about any academic teaching or sort of thing . But my idea is that you just share your experience of life or if you know the life story of an inspirational person of the world then try to share it with that child . Our overall motive is to make that child self motivated and confident . So what he is poor , He could dream as well and live those dreams . There are many examples of the world , who came from very poor families but later on , they become world leaders in their areas . Get Motivational Stories

Now , self-motivation and self-confidence is going to bring change in the life of that child , if you would be able to convey your message in right way . If the child is going to remember those things for long time . Then he is going to be a different man after a certain period of time . Here , We don’t favour to say the child directly that he must leave the child labour right away . It may not be possible for the child due to any reason but we could contribute to making his future better just by conveying few inspirational / motivational stuff to him . Imagine , If the child would continue to get such stuff time to time then it is going to impact big on his life for sure .


Two Way Benefit

There is another reason for the importance of this method . There is not only one way benefit , It is two way going . When you think to say something motivational to someone , then you must be having that knowledge yourself first . For that you’ve to be prepared in advance . You’ve to read all the motivational stuff , You’ve to go through the leaders of the world & know the process of success in life . Once you do this , It’s like flower starts giving fragrance to the surroundings .

Once you are motivated , You are going to make others motivated . Be it your family , friends or anybody else . So , when you decide that you have to eradicate the child labour problem , just make the child that strong that he could get his destination alone in his life , no matter how poor he is , no matter how weak he is . If the child has his self-confidence & the power of self commitment with him , He is no more weak from any angle , He is no more a loser .

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