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World Population Growth & Development

We are above 7.7 Billion (7.7 Billion, May 2019) today in the world . Some projections indicate that it is going to grow more than 30% by 2050 & will reach to 9.8 Billion . When we talk about the world population problems , then the conflict over water , food , energy , open space , transportation , Infrastructure is there in front of the world . World population growth is causing another problem as well . It is destroying Greenbelt Forest in highly populated area because more population needs more space to live . Where the human living space coming to an end , men go to destroy forest & create something artificial . In developing countries , large family size is the main cause for poverty and poor health .

Ironically , on the other hand many governments of the world have reduced funding for family planning in the past 15 years . As a result , the projection for more world population growth is increasing . There could be a main reason for this that the world most populous countries are becoming the world’s big markets as well . Therefore , governments of such states may see a big business opportunities behind huge population . Today , world big companies are focusing on the world’s most populous countries .

There could be such benefits for a populous country but we couldn’t ignore the above problems as well due to world population growth . At the same time , I would say that government bodies and other agencies are working to make balance between population and development . I have my own take on the world population growth and how could we live & see development in populous countries as well . How could we reduce problems in most populous countries . Let’s have a look .

What To Do

If we want to see a perfect balance between world population growth and development . Then , It’s the responsibility of each and every citizen of this world apart from government and other agencies . The only thing which we need to do is to take responsibility of ourselves & our children . First of all , we must understand & get aware about our responsibilities for nature , environment , society . By doing so , we must know the scarcity of resources and the best measures to do in such a situation . After that , We must get into the habit of doing something to minimise that problem .

Let’s say , If there is scarcity of fresh air , then the perfect measure is to plant trees . Therefore , first you must get into a habit of planting trees every day or whenever you get time . After that , being parents it’s your responsibility to make your children follow this habit . It is obvious that when you are living in a highly populated state , there is going to be scarcity of some natural resources . Population control is one thing and it must be done on mass level & government must have part in it . Apart from this , It is the responsibility of citizens to get aware about the scarcity of resources and find natural and solid measures and start working towards it .

World Population Growth

If such efforts are to be done on mass level then the problem of scarcity is no longer a problem . It is going to be in control in less time than expected because when mass people joins for any cause it is going to be to complete very soon . Ultimately it’s the willingness of people which is going to solve things no matter how big it is . The process doesn’t end here , You have to make a chain of right doing . When your children grow up , they must see you do such efforts for human life . Naturally , they are going to adopt such habits themselves . They are going to follow these things to minimise the scarcity of resources in their life . Which is going to ensure right use of resources with a futuristic approach .


Concluding Part

On the occasion for World Population Day 2019 . My mind stuck on this measure to make a harmonious & happy environment in populous areas . There could be another measures as well . The logic is simple , when we face any mass problem , the solution lies within the willingness & efforts of mass people itself . For eg . , when we face any natural disaster , the neighbouring state or the people of neighbouring towns come together & do whatever it takes to save maximum no . of people and to minimise damage . There is another benefit of above mentioned method . This method is going to make people more intellect & alert . Because to find the measure of scarcity , one has to research a lot which is going to add something in your personality . Time is calling for world population growth & development .

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