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I have seen many people that are illiterate or less educated and do nothing in their life . Whenever you ask them that why isn’t you do something good in your life , why are you wasting your time . They have a common reply that they are less educated or illiterate . So , they are of no worth , they don’t know anything . So , better we just pass our time of life until we die . This is how they see their life . They may have interest in a particular area , in a particular work but their set of thoughts isn’t allowing them to go for it . They’ve made a blockage in their mind themselves . The blockage of negative thoughts , which stop them to progress in their life .

Education is the right of everyone . All parents want to make their child educated first , before thinking of their carrier . Even , If someone has family business and have an empire of business . They look for basic education for their children first . They know that their children are not going to do any job , technical education may not required for them . But , still they feel the importance of education for their children life . They know that education is going to install so many required things of life in their children .

Importance of Education

Education is the root of anyone’s life . There is a system of society which is coming from ancient times . Earlier , people used to go in gurukuls and get education . Every day , they used to learn something new . Today , these are replaced with schools . Still , teaching of gurukul is present in our society . When a child study in a school in primary years of life , he not only develops his mind with the academic education but also learns many things over there that how to behave . He gets to know about the system of society . He knows about the history of their culture . More of all , education makes us feel with immense confidence and self motivation .

When you are an educated person & have a degree , You feel confident and supreme of all . You may not have practical knowledge of what you were taught in your school but you feel always confident that you have completed your higher studies . Education adds new dimensions in your life , It adds the way of living for you . This is all about to get education but what about those who are not fortunate enough to go to school . There maybe financial boundaries , social boundaries or others , but they remain without education for their whole life .


Reason for Stress

According to an UNESCO report 2017 , there are still 750 million illiterate adults are present in the world . Government organisations & other agencies throughout the world are playing their part to reduce illiteracy . But , what about those who have become illiterate and there is no scope for education remaining in their life . What if all illiterates start feeling that they are of no use & they couldn’t do anything , they would go in immense stress and depression . It would be very harmful to their life , for society .

Now , what could be the solution to this . If they only know one thing and believe on that , they are going to feel self motivation and confidence in fraction of seconds . They are going to reconnect with the society . By doing so , they will feel importance of themselves . What is that magical thing , magical statement which is going to change their life . There is something which education doesn’t teach you . Which is the key to success in life . Therefore , let’s discuss the most important part of this blog .


What to do

Education could teach you everything but it couldn’t teach you one thing which is ‘Experience’ . You get experience by doing action , when you actually get engage in work . Experience is something which none could snatch it from you . Whatever experience you get in your life , It’s your own asset . Experience comes with practice & time . Imagine , you give five years in working something , You have made certain experience . If you give 10 years in the same work you would get another type of experience . Experience improves with time .

Now , an illiterate person must remind this all the time that if you are an illiterate due to any reason , It’s your past , better you forget it . Here , You must concentrate on experience . For experience , You must engage in something , better if you get into any work which you’ve interest in , which you like the most . In starting , You are going to face many failures of your work but this is what we call experience . Which is going to help you throughout your carrier , life . All along , You must feel that every person have some qualities for sure , so as you are having . Therefore , why don’t you work to know your qualities and make it a carrier , which is going to ensure success , no matter how literate you are .


Concluding Note

Some may say that I created this blog for illiterates , but how would an illiterate go through with this blog . I say that it is the responsibility of educated people to first understand one thing that if a person is illiterate , it doesn’t mean that he is worthless . Everybody has some qualities in them , so start respecting them . All educated people have the responsibility to convey this message to the illiterate one and make them feel that they are worthy same as an educated person . Even they have an advantage that they are not bounded with education limitations . They are free from the education code of society , there is no limit . They could experiment with their work to any length & become inspiration for the world .

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