My grandfather taught me –


Bheega hua aadmi baarish se nahin darta (A man who is drenched is not afraid of the rain)


A little bit of introspection will take you a long way on the road to self discovery. Once the process starts, you will start finding the answers to most of your problems, instead of feeling persecuted.


We can certainly leverage our strengths and try hard at whatever we excel in, but we must not be carried away with our flattered assessment of ourselves.


Remember, sadness and adversity are not to be despised or something to be afraid of; they enrich human character. They inspire us with grit and make life worth living.


By not expecting anything in return, we are whittling away any potential unhappiness. That is the noblest and most clear example to emulate.


‘Life is not about surviving the Strom, it’s about dancing in the rain.’ In living each moment, we should experience sadness in sad times and happiness in happy times.


No one is superior; we are all differently abled. Your esteem and self worth are in your mind. Believe that you are the best in your field and be confident of your talent.


You need to discard excess baggage from the suitcase of your mind. All that baggage of retribution, all those bitter memories, anxieties and negative thoughts need to be jettisoned.


The problem with our fears is that we always hide behind them; and that attitude makes our fears larger than they really are.


It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and reality of tomorrow.


Begin by learning to accept yourself as you are. Learn to be happy with all your irritations, shortcomings, flaws and soon you will feel better.


Life is something to feel good about. So live it with hope and courage. There are millions of people who have genuine reasons to be sad about. Be glad you are not one of them.


It is the willingness to learn from our reverse that is the critical difference between successful people and the not so successful ones.


Success is not for the faint-hearted. Get out of your comfort zone, stop clinging to the familiar and Steel yourself for unexpected. Because that is the only road to being aware…and alive.


Discover yourself and follow your heart… Do not get despaired, but be inspired by life. And look within yourself for that spark of inspiration. Do not borrow it.


(Source : Book – The Best Thing About You is You by Anupam Kher)