Blog 46

Our day starts in the morning & we plan for the day in the morning . Every morning , we get several ideas and many of them are affected from our previous day . Sometimes , you keep thinking those things which are over now but it’s effect is still there on your mind . You must get rid of such feelings in this time . In general , it is said that if your morning is good , your day is going to be perfect . The outcome of your day is dependent on how you start your day . Therefore , importance of beginning of the day is very high in our life .

So , we must get and share ideas which are helpful for morning motivation . No matter how do you live , where do you live , how the environment changes in your place , different seasons come and go but your early day routine must be always same . Try to fix time for your morning day to day activities . Now , I am going to talk about three effective activities , which you could include in your day rise routine . These activities are quite popular and these are helpful for quick and immense self-motivation , which would ensure a perfect day for you .


You must have already heard that meditation / yoga exercises and similar activities are highly recommended to begin your day . Even , such things are a part of awareness campaigns for many countries throughout the world . These activities are recommended because these are effective . When you do meditation in proper manner for about 5 to 10 minutes . It gives you a clear vision of your day . You get a sort of peace and prosperity in your mind and body . You get a maturity in your life . Meditation is more related to your mind whereas yoga is related to your body . There is a set of exercises in yoga which ensure your fitness . But , before performing them you must aware about the process of performing meditation and yoga . Either you have a trainer or get it from any reliable source .


Morning Walk

Another important task which you could do after getting up is walking . Walk not only help in physical betterment of health , but it also gives you something more . You see , when you go for early morning walk , you get exposure to outside . There is quite peace a time this time . You see a refreshing view of nature . Chirping noise of different birds , which give you a strange & good experience . You feel some sort of satisfaction with your mind and body . When you feel & enjoy the silence of morning , the world feels the silence in you throughout the day .


Motivational Reading

It is said that your focus power is on the top in the early morning . Whatever you read/talk in this time , you could remember that for a long time . Therefore , if you go to read anything motivational in the beginning of the day , you could get its maximum impact on your life . You could go through motivational novels , stories , scriptures , texts and other harmonious reading material . You may have heard that many renowned authors , poets often play with the words in early morning because they get all the new and effective ideas in this time . Many singers , music composers practice and do recording of the songs in early morning . A singer , author , lyricist need proper environment for a great outcome . When they practice their work in this time , half of their work is done .


Ending Note

Guys morning has the power to mould your carrier , your life , provided you keep continuity in your routine . If you have fixed your get up time of 5 o’clock , you just ensure it throughout your life , don’t break it for a single day , no matter what emergency you get . You could see most of the villagers get up quite early in the morning . They have their duties in the early morning of animals chores and all . That’s why they remain healthy in their old age as well . Early morning habit has direct positive impact on your health . You could use morning motivation in many other ways as well . Find ways which work best in your life and make this world energetic , healthy and peaceful .


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