Blog 44

Everybody has a kind of family , we have a small , medium or a large family . We grow up in a family and almost everybody has an emotional connect with their families . Your family helps you many times in your life . You could often see many celebrities giving credit of their success to their families . Sometimes , when you want to be successful in your life but you don’t get enough exposure to outside world and you feel sad and disappointed that why you didn’t get chance to get outside exposure to the world .

Reason could be anything but you start thinking with regret that you didn’t learn many things which are necessary to be a successful man . I say , if you are having a family , you could get that outside exposer in your family as well . You could learn so many things of the outside world or the outside behaviour from your relation . No matter how your family lives , what the members do and what is their emotional/intellectual quotient . You could get such exposure to any kind of family of the world provided you have a good sense of observing things .


How it works

You could see your family as just a small world . When you step outside your home and interact with the world . There are many types of people , many people means many ideas/thoughts . You agree with few ideas , you disagree with a few ideas . But we must have a certain maturity level of emotions and Intellect in order to have balance with these ideas . You could get this inspiration from your families . In our families , where we have few members , naturally , there are home level debates/discussions on particular topics . Same as earlier , you have different opinion , ideas and you agree/disagree with some of them . So , you always try your best to come out with the best solution for all discussions of your home and you try to improve yourself and your house members with time . You learn yourself and move forward . You could apply this to your outside world as well .

By saying family , I not only mean your own house members but i include your cousins , uncles and so on . When you are a businessman and having a company , you get different view of market from the people of another companies time to time . When you are a bureaucrat or on a senior most position of the state like PM , President , CM, you get different views on state level from another countries , foreign leaders . Same way , when your cousin visits you or you visit your cousins after a certain period of time , you’ve your point of view on several issues/things , they have their point of view . So , when you have discussion , you get to know about new things from your cousin , your cousin gets to know about new things from you , this is how it goes on .


Ending Note

You could get other inspirations from your families , which is pretty useful and important when you face the world . The most important thing is that you must open for  learning/observation . No matter that you get this chance across your family or outside your family . I just give you a glimpse of it . There are many other things/powers in your family which are helpful to take on big problems of your life . So , keep open your senses , make your family proud of you by using its power in the world .

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