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In our life , we feel stressed so many times . Then , we search for some shortcut or anything which could reduce our stress quickly because we are so busy with our life . We couldn’t give sufficient time for our mind and body . Therefore , in this blog , i’ve come up with five quick ways for instant relax of body and mind . These five ways are going to ensure that you get free from your stress .

The wonderful thing is that these ways are so simple and easy to follow . You all are quite familiar with these methods . You could practice these methods at your work place , at your home or any outside place . No one needs to spend a single penny on this . You don’t have to use any instrument/tool in practice . The only thing which is required for practice these methods are your intention of doing it . You must feel & enjoy it . Let’s we take on these one by one .


Deep Breathing

Breathe is our need like food & sleep . Whenever you get into any kind of stress in your life , just try to deep breath . You could do this practice anywhere in the world even while travelling somewhere . You could even close your eyes for your comfort . Only thing which you have to focus is to feel the breath . The process must be very slow and quiet . Your mouth must be close and you breathe with your nose .

Now , start with deep inhaling , then pause for a couple of seconds , or according to your capacity of breath . After that , exhale slowly and calmly , then again pause for couple of seconds . Then , the same process goes on and just after couple of repetition you would feel immense relax in your mind and body because your circulation of blood is normal in your body . Same way , your thoughts in your mind are stable . Now , you are in the position to take right decision . This is pretty popular method which is being spoken about many times on many platforms because this is equally effective .


Lay down & relax your body

This method is limited to places as you couldn’t perform it anywhere . You could perform it at your home or at your training area or somewhere you could easily access to lay down in sleeping position . This is a popular Yogasna as well & it is called savasana (शवासन in Sanskrit) . This is supposed to do after all asanas (yoga forms ) because it is meant to perform for complete relax of mind and body and normal circulation of blood in the body .

All what you have to do to perform this Asana is to lay down straight , face look to sky , close your eyes and deep breath . Now you could go for relaxing your whole body by keeping all your parts extreme loose like a dead body (A reason why this asana is called शवासन , शव (Sanskrit) means corpse) . Adding to this, you have to control your thoughts as well . Just after a span of 5 or 10 minutes you are going to feel complete refresh from your mind and body .

Laugh hard

Another amazing method of instant relaxes / relaxed of body and mind is to laugh blindly . This method is going to give you the most instant result of all methods . It works very fast . Whenever you feel extreme Stress in your mind , just find a reason to laugh hard . Even if you don’t get any reason , imaginary think something laughable and start laughing . It seems an effective method of stress buster . You may hear of laughing therapy as well . You may see people in the parks laughing hard in the morning . There are clubs , wellness/fitness centres where they use this laughing method and link it to the perfect health . Laughing is pretty good for health , it could cure many diseases just like that . I don’t say to laugh hard with only stress but make it a habit to laugh .


Eat your favourite food

It may seem funny for many of you but it works in my life. Whenever I feel stress , i try to catch my favourite food . The moment i feed my stomach with my favourite food , i forget all worries about my life . I don’t have any scientific logic of it but it works / worked in my life . So , i could image that it would work in your life as well .

I don’t say that every time , when you get stress on your mind that you must go to eat your favourite food but it’s upon the availability of food and your situation . If you are hungry & your favourite food is available then why don’t to eat it . So , my idea is that at least try this method once in your life and see the results . The best part is there is nothing to lose . If it won’t work in your life at least you’ve filled your stomach with enjoying .


Sing your favourite track

This is another quite popular stress buster . One way is to listen to your favourite track (song) . When you listen your favourite track , you get an emotional connect with the song . You start feeling it , your whole concentration goes to the track of a particular moment . You get away from any stress in your mind and body because you enjoy somewhere else (song ) .

Another way is to sing your favourite track yourself . When you sing any song you use your vocal tools and mind to singing it . Adding to this , you enjoy your singing as well because it’s your favourite track . Therefore , you get away from any stress in your mind & body . I’m getting an example of a popular cricketer from India Mr. Virender Sehwag , he used to sing a lot while playing & making big scores , because this way , he enjoyed the game more than earlier . His fellow players and Sehwag himself have admitted it many times in interviews .


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