In the latest interview of Stephen Hawking, he has said that artificial intelligence could take over human life in future. He has feared this by saying that in future, someone could create such powerful artificial intelligence, which would self improve until it take over human life or to its superiority. In this case human beings need to search another planet to live. Stephen Hawking fear that one day this artificial intelligence could kill human life.

For those who don’t know what is artificial intelligence, it is an intelligence which displays machines. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also called machine intelligence (MI). It’s clear visible and factual that today we are surrounded by machines everywhere. Even in underdeveloped countries machines are taking over human life day by day. Whether it is mobile phone or microwave or music system or air purifier or water purifier we are surrounded by machines everywhere. To some extent we could accept artificial intelligence. But when it crosses limits, it’s actually a serious concern and we must altogether think & act over it. I guess in search of its permanent solution, we must look back in our roots. Our roots are the only solution for saving human beings from the danger of artificial intelligence. You could find the more saying of Stephen Hawking on this on the below link.