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Everyone must have ridden bike at least once in their life. Speaking of teenagers, i roughly guess that 95% have enjoyed bike either by riding or from behind seat. I’m talking about motor bike not a bicycle. So, you ride bike, you enjoy sometimes, you ride in hurry sometimes, there are many feelings attached to it. Quite a few times, you’ve to go in emergency, so you speed up your motor bike but you couldn’t enjoy all this time. In many parts of the world, bike is quite popular to go to work, people use bike to reach office & to come back.

Now, I’m gonna share three ways or three things you could do while riding a bike and feel self-motivation and refresh yourself. I’m sure these three ways are quite common to riders. Even there are many more ways for self motivation while riding. I’m quite confident that most of you’ve already experienced these ways many times. My motive is only to make you talk about these simple methods. If you are having some facility/resources, then why don’t we use them, why don’t we get benefit out of it. If you’re already in the habit of these methods, it’s perfect. In case, you know the methods but don’t use them, then you could think to start it in order to get benefit somewhere in your life. These three ways are coming right away to you below:

1. Benefit of voice clarity

No doubt that in today’s world, speaking skills is extremely important. Eloquent speakers of the world are leading the world today. When we talk about speaking skills, we couldn’t ignore voice clarity that how smoothly we speak out words. Whatever work you are doing, i guess everywhere speaking skills are more or less important. So guys, being a bike rider you could make your voice as smooth as you want, only you’ve to speak out. The most popular and easy way is to sing songs. It could also help you if you aspire to become a singer. The best part of bike riding is that nobody is there to judge you or to get disturbed from your voice.

There is no limit of loud as well, you could sing as loud as you could or you want. There is nobody to see you, so even if you are a shy person, you are having freedom to sing or speak. I believe, when you sing while riding a bike, you enjoy your ride double. You get more feelings, you feel more relax. At the same time, i must say that you don’t forget to drive. I never advise to just singing and to feel it completely so to forget the world. You just couldn’t do that while driving. You must pay attention to your driving and singing is your secondary task. Being a rider myself, i don’t believe that it’s a difficult task to sing while riding, it comes naturally.


2. Get fluency on a language

You may have experienced personally or heard somewhere in your life that someone didn’t get selected in an interview because of his accent problem. Sometimes, we try hard to get particular accent but we don’t get a grip on it. To make it more clear I should say that when you try to learn any foreign language you don’t get the fluency in short time/practice. You’ve to give quite a long time to get a strong grip over that language. In your busy schedule, sometime you are unable to give sufficient time for the language practice.

I have an option and if you are a bike rider, you’ve an opportunity to improve your accent on the language. The best part is, if you do mistake obviously you are gonna do mistake, there is nobody to laugh at you because you are talking to air on a motor bike. You could experience it with a simple method. It’s like when you want to improve yourself on a particular language, you just listen to few hit songs of that language. Mug up those lines (song) in the same tone. Listen them again and again until they fix on the tip of your tongue. After that, sing out these songs while driving. That way you are gonna enjoy your practice of learning a foreign language and altogether improve your accent as well.

3. Feel air & feel relax

Now this is our last and most popular method. I call it the most popular because this is quite a familiar thing when a biker start riding, the first thing he’s going to feel or think is talking to air. In general, we say don’t talk to air while riding, it’s a slang in many languages. When you ride, you feel air and along with this, you try to feel bunch of good feelings. This is something which is difficult to express in words but a biker could feel it easily. A rider is gonna understand the remaining things which even i didn’t write yet.

Imagine, you are riding on a traffic free road. It’s a pleasant summer evening & you are riding on average speed. This is something which i call a golden moment because you could feel relax just in a moment. All you’ve to do is letting away your excess baggage of thoughts in your mind & make your mind empty. The next moment, you are going to feel refresh and relax with your mind and body. This way is a general & common thing with bikers but I had to address this to use this intentionally as well.


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