ISRO’s (Indian Space Research Organization) next mission is to search for alien life on mars. This is said by ISRO’s Chairman Mr AS Kiran Kumar at Physical Research Laboratory (PRL). Search for aliens is always been a hot topic among scientist, Researchers & Space enthusiasts. Earlier, International space station of NASA had shown UFO like objects in their live feed on Mars. But there is no solid proof yet about the presence of aliens on Mars. This move of ISRO would be part of Mars exploration. Mr. Kiran also said that they have to investigate the resources for human habitation.

There are many movies made on aliens time to time. We often get new release on aliens in form of movies, documentaries and other telecast. Everybody has their own imagination as far as aliens are concerned. There are million stories all around the world on aliens. There are many perceptions on aliens. Some may connect aliens with Astrology, some connect with our history, some connect it to Science, some connect it with the rebirth theory. Whatever it is but aliens is still a mystery in the world. Many organisations in the world working in this regard to find something real on aliens. We wish best of luck to ISRO in order to search for aliens on Mars.

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