Blog 39

I would start by saying that most simple things are the most important things of the world. After this phrase, i must say that the simple things are most difficult to act as well. Many of you may wonder that how is it possible that simple things are most difficult. If things are simple, they should be simple to act as well. It seems a confusing state for many of you, but i am gonna clarify it through this blog.

My motive is to concentrate on the most simple things of the world & act simple. There are many habits which sound so simple but when it comes to obey those habits in a routine, we fail. When we look into the life of legends of this world. When we go deep to understand their life that how did they became such legend of this world. We would find that they are legends because they stick to the most simple & basic things, which are required for their profession. Let we take on an example of success, which is having simplicity in secret.

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

Whenever we think of cricket, we couldn’t forget a name, which is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. There was always a very simple habit, which was part of his complete cricket career. Wherever he had to go, whatever he had to do but he used to give time for this activity. The habit was nothing but go to the cricket ground frequently and practice over there. If i say to someone that you just go to ground & play & enjoy for 10 years everyday & you would become a legend. It looks so simple & easy.

You would say that it’s a peace of cake for you. But practically it is not that simple because every day you are going to face a new challenge, mainly of failure. Unless you see a win in every failure, you aren’t going to win it. The other day, i was going through the autobiography of Sachin Tendulkar. He used to go for training/coaching in the ground after school. He had to make sure that he doesn’t miss a single coaching session. I mean to say when you live with the most simple and required thing of your profession, you get success and the simple thing becomes most important thing.


A simple habit

We consider sleeping a quite simple thing. Every day we’ve to sleep, it’s one of the need of life like food. We don’t give much attention to our sleeping time because it’s a day to day activity. I believe, sleeping is the most powerful thing for anybody’s life. If you sleep in a discipline, you could win the world. I have delivered another blog particularly on sleeping. You could find it to this link. You would see that the most important & busiest person of the world has the same time fix for sleeping.

They follow it with extreme importance. They may take less hours of sleep as compared to a normal person but they have couple of hours fix for sleeping everyday. In the same time, you could see that this habit which sounds quite simple, is very difficult to follow. In this busy and exciting life you find it more difficult to sleep at the same time every day and getting up at the same time after required hours of sleep. If you already follow this, it’s perfect. If you are having fluctuation in your sleeping habit, you would see that you are unable to spend your day with full energy, joy and focus.


Concluding Part

You could look into the life of any successful person of the world. It could be any artist, politician or a businessmen. They are successful because they always stick to simple and basic thing which is required for their work. They never compromise with this. If a politician needs to meet people on a daily basis. You see, it must be there in the life of any great politician of the world. Same thing goes to actors, you name any mega star of the world. Their life is quite glamorous, every day they have party and all. But when they have shoots, a mega star never compromises with this. All other tasks & parties come after their basic & simple thing which is acting.

Therefore, no matter what they are shooting and how they are shooting but they are acting, it is enough for their motivation to work. They stick to their work, they stick to their most simple thing. So guys, in the concluding part i only want to say if you want to be successful in your life, just find out the most simple and basic thing which is required for your interest area and keep doing this every day. You have to stick to it first, everything of the world comes later. You would amaze to see that, in future you’re spreading your wings of success.


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