Blog 40

Everybody in this world wants perfect health in order to live a healthy & peaceful life. No matter how rich you are, how educated you are, but everyone equally thinks positive for perfect health. Whenever you have a bad health, you see a doctor. You go through a medical process of meds or any treatment in order to get healthy because it’s your right & need to live healthy. Like we need food & sleep for living, same way, good health is a need for a peaceful life.

I believe, good health isn’t only a right but it’s your duty as well to be healthy. When you become ill, it means you got fail somewhere to protect your health. So, it’s your duty as well to protect your health. I want to bring cause & effect theory here. You got ill, it’s an effect, as a result, you see a doctor to cure it. You were careless somewhere, so you became ill, it’s the cause for your illness. To eradicate the effect, we’ve to eradicate the cause first. Our blog is focused on later part.

I am getting a popular phrase now, which is best mean to our subject. The phrase is ‘Prevention is better than cure’. It looks so simple & known to us, it is extremely effective as well. That’s why i said in my very previous blog that simplest  thing are the most important things of the world & simple  things are difficult as well. Anyway, straightaway we move to our subject. I am going to discuss two main factors which are extremely important to protect your health & it’s your duty to follow them in your life. Let’s we take on these one by one.

How our body functions

The first important thing in order to protect our health is to get aware of our body functionality. I mean to say we all must know that what are the functions of our body parts & how they function. Whatever work you are doing, you must have the basic knowledge of our body functioning. I don’t think it’s a tough job regardless of your education. You could get basic knowledge easily even if you are an illiterate. In this social age, we have lots of video/audio facilities, which are easy to access & available in our mother/native language. Even, we could get general body functions info in our social discussions.

Body functions mean that what & how our body parts function. It includes general info like where our food goes after consuming. What’s the process of food digestion & how much time it takes to digest food. What is the best time of eating & where our digestive part is exactly based in our body. Same way, you must know what is the best way of sleeping & how many hours is considered for ideal sleeping.

What could be the possible symptoms of eyes & ears pain & how could we escape them. Likewise, what could be the possible reason for neck & back pain. More importantly, how our thoughts play part in our good health. What to think & how to think for a healthy living because our mind plays an important role in our good or bad health. There could be more possibilities to learn about health. Therefore, you try to learn those which are having more impact in your life.


Choice of food

Along with the body parts, you must’ve the general idea of food you eat. In general, we take care of containing part of any food item. Like how much protein, carbohydrate, fat do a food item has. But we ignore the agri part of it, like how many days does pulses takes in growing in a field. What are the fertilisers do people use in growing food. It may be varying region wise but we must have an idea of it. So, we could further choose the best to eat.

If you are using packaged food, you must read the contains part of it on the packet & match it with the requirement of your body. Adding to this, you could go further to check the vessels/appliances in which you cook food. Here, my concern is towards the metal of vessel in which you cook food. Just find that which type of vessel is perfect in what conditions.


Concluding Part

In this blog, I’ve only told you that what could be the matter of concern for a perfect health. Now, it’s your job to find the best solution/alternatives in order to get a perfect health. I wish to write more & wish to explain the options for good food in my other blogs. Apart from these factors, there are many more, which you could look for yourself. Now onwards, if you’re in your old age, it doesn’t mean that you deserve to be having bad health. If you’re young, it’s time for work for perfect health & it only comes when you have the knowledge.

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