Blog 22

We’ve to travel at least sometimes through our life. Many people have to travel a lot sometimes willingly or unwillingly. On the other hand, many people are fond of travelling, they just love to travel. Many people don’t like travelling at all but still they’ve to travel sometimes in their life, . They like or don’t like their journey but they had to go through it sometimes in their life. For many people, travelling is like a passion and for others travelling is just a matter of fun and enjoy.

For many of you, it could be a matter of fun and enjoy. All along we couldn’t deny the other side of traveling, troubling side of travelling. Troubling in the sense, what if you get ill between a long trip and you are away from city and you don’t have the first aid box/meds with you. This is one challenge, there could be other challenges as well in the travelling. In this blog i am gonna take on one challenge which is quite normal in almost all travelling trips. Which is quite natural and I’m gonna give the natural remedy for this. The challenge is ‘travelling stress’ and it’s different from illness.

Guys, before coming on its remedy, i wanna mention one thing that this remedy isn’t something out of the box. It is so common and simple, we’ve heard it many times in our life and maybe many of you’ve already experienced it in your life. Only reason to say about this is that this is quite effective and it worked in my life many times. So, why not use such a remedy which is free and natural. Which is going to heal your travelling stress naturally and peacefully.



The Remedy

Imagine, in general you get up at eight in the morning but once a day you got up at six in the morning for a trip. You travel all day long, so naturally at the end of the day you are having travel stress. You feel so tired and you don’t feel comfort at all. One method is to see a doctor, which is quite easy, only you may have to spend a bit of money and take few medicines or something. Our method is to see a river or a lake instead of a doctor. I guess you got my idea now.

Only you have to search for a river or in case there is no river you could search for a small lake or waterfall or Fountains. Among all, fountains would be easily available as they are placed in parks & other sites as well. Just go there and sit near water, you could find a proper sitting place on few places near water which is called riverfront or a lakeside and so on (Name could differ place to place). Now, you could close your eyes for a while and feel the water. Try to feel the sound of water or it could be a sound of birds chirping, it could be waterfall, it could be air and so on. In short, You just try to feel the nature in order to heal your travel stress naturally. You would feel all fresh within minutes without spending a single penny & without meds.

Other Ideas 

Just in case if you don’t find any water resource near you. Just try to find a peaceful place and spend your time there. It could be a prayer hall or any silent zone. Your motive is to just relax your body and mind and seek the peace. In case you feel extreme tiredness in your body, you could go for Ayurvedic Acupressure. You must know the acupressure points of your body in order to heal a particular part of your body quickly. For another idea you could go for my another blog which is look up in the sky and make your destiny.

There could be another ideas as well, so be in search of those ideas and don’t hesitate to implement those in your life. You never know which idea is gonna transform you and then the world through you. So guys, keep travelling and be stressfree.