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How do you feel when you look dynamic or how do you feel when you look young. Looking young is always in trend regard less of age, gender, religion or finance. I could say that looking young & good is a human tendency. A person feels good when he looks young, this is one of the reason for your confidence. You could observe it in any function that when a person knows that he is looking good & young, his confidence level is on the top. When a person feels that he doesn’t look good, his confidence level is very low so we could link looking good & young to confidence.


The Problem –

Everything is alright till you look young but what if when you start looking bad and old. There are many possibilities, when you look bad & look old, the first major & common thing is depression, which you get easily. Those who understand life and its cycle very well, they don’t get panic, in fact they enjoy their old life. But I am speaking in respect of those who are unable to manage themselves when they start feeling old.

Another possibility could be spending money in so many things to looking young and good. It could be a saloon, spa, beauty treatments and much more. This process of looking good and young by applying external things would start from your home and end up in the market by spending a lot. Sometimes you get benefit out of it, sometimes you don’t. In fact sometimes you feel cheated by few skin products but your money is gone, which never return back.

If you ask some people that they look very old of their age. Most of them are gonna take it serious, after all it is the matter of their personality. I won’t be wrong if I say that after a while the seriousness is gonna be a depression which is going to be a serious problem. Now, what if an 80 years old man look like 40 of age in reality & that’s for free of cost & free of other resources. I guarantee that this process is gonna save your money & time as well. Neither you’ve to pay a single penny nor you’ve to go outside for any treatment.


The Solution –

You could use this solution in two ways- for yourself and for others. The solution which i am gonna discuss today is “the thinking process” and this is going to change your life as far as your age and personality is concerned. Let me discuss first that how could this help others through you.


1. Helping Others –

Imagine, there is an 80 year old man, now you catch him and say that he looks like a 40 years old man. At the moment he may laugh or don’t believe it but you keep saying him the same thing with all seriousness whenever you see him. After a while you are going to see a change in his personality, slowly he’s going to believe on your words and he’s gonna take your words serious about his life. As a result you’re gonna see certain changes in his personality. He’s going to believe that he is a 40 year old man and his habits and attitude would change accordingly. After a few days or months, his personality is going to transform completely.

So basically your words did a sort of magic in the life of an 80 year old man. It was totally free of cost as there was no use of external things or resources. You could apply the same process of thinking in anyone’s life. If you see your friend is sad due to his hair falling problem or his face tone or his other personality attributes. You just divert his mind opposite to this or to the positivity. You just make sure that you make him believe your words. After a certain time you are going to see all outstanding changes in his personality. This is just a fabulous idea of happiness in the society.

2. You look young –

Let me start with our second way that how the thinking process help you in order to get good personality. Imaging that you are in your growing age but girls don’t like you, your friends make fun of you often. Girls don’t like you because you look old of your age. You look 40 in the age of 25 because of your White and Black hairs. Now, today onwards starts believing that you are having hard black hairs. Your hair are matching with your favourite star & look extremely attractive. Try to think such things whenever you get something negative of your hair or many times in a day and many times in a month. After a while, you are going to see sudden change in the behaviour of girls to you.

Here, i don’t say that because of thinking process your hairs are going to be black over night. It’s all about your behavioural attitude to you. When you think the whole day long that your hair are black and attractive, your behaviour and attitude is gonna change day by day. Which is gonna be liked by girls. I mean to say that problem is not your hair but the problem is the fear inside you which stops you to express you in the way you express naturally.

As you must’ve heard many times that a person becomes what he thinks all day long, you could change your destiny as well. I presented few examples to change your personality specially how to look young of your age for free. Same way, you could apply the thinking process to improve any section of your life.


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