Blog 26

There are many circumstances in life in which you found yourselves in the mess. We don’t understand or get idea how to deal with such situations. We just stuck sometimes between the thoughts of mind. Sometimes, we don’t understand what to do, how to do, how to deal with the situation and we don’t get the perfect idea, which suit in that particular situation. We loose our power of thinking. We just confuse with the life and the results maybe worse sometimes.

At the particular point of time if anything comes in front of you or any person. You just don’t deal with them in the way you should deal with, because you are in the mental disturbance in this time. Due to this mental disturbance, sometimes you get negative thoughts & this negativity could harm your life. So, there must be a simple mechanism, easy method which could escape us from this mess situation of life. We must have a technique through which, we could easily deal with such situations and we get back in stable condition of mind and body. Guys, I’ve come up with brilliant idea which would ensure your normal mind and body condition.

What to do

The idea is so simple, whenever you feel you are in the mess of life or in the confusing state of mind. You just do one thing and the best part of this method is you could apply this anywhere in your life. The results are very fast, you don’t have to wait for much time.

So guys, the only thing you’ve to do is to help in others work. Any time when you feel that you are in the mess of life, just try to help in others work. It’s like When you are at your home you could help your family members in their work. You could ask for any help, try to find any work which you could do for them. Same way, you could help your colleagues, your friends or anybody in the world. After a while you are going to see that your confusion and negative views are gone away.


How does it work

Guys when you help in others work you actually forget your well-being and along with your well-being you forget your confusion, your problems and even your happiness. After completion of task, you feel refresh and relax with your mind and body. At the moment, you could start your life from another point. Earlier, your mind was in the confusing state but now your mind is absolutely free and relax. There is no thought in this mind. Now, whatever thought you give to your mind, it will process it with more clarity and with high speed than earlier. I mean to say whatever you think you would find a clear solution to it. There won’t be any mess of life in your mind because now your mind is powerful and smooth than earlier.

When you feel a mess in your life, somewhere in your mind you feel fear as well. You get a sense of fear, by applying this method you would get rid of fear as well. So, now you are free from fear and confusing mind. There could be many other methods which could give you the same results to make you free from confusing state of mind. I recommend you yourself find those methods & apply in your life and see whether they are useful or no. If not, then go for another method. The idea is that we must live with the peaceful state of mind. So, we would be in the right position to take decisions for our self and then for the world.

Other benefit

Once you follow this method in your life and make it a habit. Whenever you get a confusing state of mind you just help others. By doing so, you actually gain another great attribute of human beings. Which is prosperity and peace among ourselves. Imagine, you’ve helped today your neighbour in something. If you would be in need of someone else tomorrow, naturally your neighbour is gonna help you. Your neighbour has some respect for you and he’s gonna return you back the prosperity and peace which you gave him earlier. Guys, our process doesn’t have any negative sense or belief. You don’t have anything to lose. By following this method, you could gain something out of it. In conclusion, I just want to say 4 words, “help others, help you”.



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