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Clear your Mind –

In this article, we are going to discuss about techniques, which are going to tell you to clear your mind to the wisdom. Once you clear your mind in a right way, your mind would give the results accordingly. Here we go…..

Try to feel Time/Present –

To clear your mind, first of all you’ve to feel present means you’ve to be aware with your existing position. That where is you right now, what should do next & in what time span. You’ve to think here that what is going on in your mind & is it really going to help you anyway. You are analysing your mind position right now. If you find any unusual thought in your mind, you’ve to just remove it from your mind in order to clear your mind. You can do this by thinking about what you want in your mind/life. All along, you’ve to keep your mind relaxed, feel easy & be an optimist. Initially, if anyone finds it difficult to exercise practically then one can close eyes to gain ‘self power of focus’ which is going to help you to understand the above better.

Think Continuously –

Another method to clear your mind is to think continuously of the work/task you wanna do. Slightly in a moment your mind would start to respond you by giving the ideas to do the work/task in best possible ways. You’ve to keep your mind cool/relax in order to clear your mind. Don’t ever feel pressure on mind while thinking of something. All along, keep feeling the positive vibes.

For eg. If you wanna download a software from internet but you failed to find the link with first try. Now, follow the method to think continuously, you can get the idea to make changes in your writing on search engine or your mind would suggest another method to find the link eg. Youtube.

Command Your Body Parts for Action –

After feeling of what to do now, nothing need than to command your body parts to act in order to clear your mind. Whatever consciousness you have got in form of feelings, just implement it in action by using your body parts.

For eg. Imagine, you are in the habit of a book reading before hitting the hay (going to bed). One day at the same time, you are enjoying games on your cell & no way for book reading. You know somewhere inside you, your consciousness is conveying a message to your mind to stop game & start book reading because your consciousness knows what should be done or what shouldn’t. Now, what you’ve to do is using your hands to stop game & put the cell phone aside. Now this should follow by using hands to lift a book & start reading it.

In above example, basically you’ve commanded your body parts to act & this command was given by your consciousness to your mind & your mind obey it because that is in your control.


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