I am feeling deep pleasure to have Jordan King in India among group of our selected leaders and religious savants.

The vital role King Abdullah has played to make sheer image of Islam can’t be explained but can only be felt.

Indian democracy is not just a political system but base of diversity, equality and harmony. It is a celebration of our ‘Age Old Plurality’.

Most of the world’s religions flourished in India. Message of love and peace is always spread all over the world by us.

The fight against terriorism and radicalization is not fight against any religion. It is against the mentality that is misguiding our youth towards act of voilence.

The purpose of culture and religion is to gratify humanity. Today our youth should associate themselves with humanitarian Islam on one hand and modern technology on other.

King Abdullah India is with you at every step with your work of de-radicalization.


(Source : Internet)