Mr. Anand Kumar Speech at a Student Conference

School exams are merely exams. You will have to face harder exams in future. If you are really ready and wanna do something, the future will be yours.

Only our young students have power to make our nation ‘Vishwa Guru’ (World Power).

One of my students Nidhi Jha was daughter of rickshaw driver. She came to me and studied very hard and got admission in IIT. A French director made a movie on her life story.

A Japanese company NHK researched in India to find out the reason behind Growth of India. Students from slum were shown in movie studying in poor condition. And at the end of movie a line reads ‘This is the future of India’.

I have requested IBC24 to provide me platform in future to give maths classes to students all over India. And I will not charge a single rupee for my service.

Students should try to understand the subject rather than cramming it. A student should first find answer of how and why to understand the subject.

Our biggest treasure is our hard work. Never get depressed, just work hard in right direction and think that future is yours.

Journey of thousand miles starts with first step. And your first step must be in right direction.

Anand Kumar has four formulas of success – Tremendous Efforts, Positive Thinking, Continuous Hard Work and Utmost Patience.

Based on my experience, I can confidently say if one follows these formulas then no one can stop him to achieve his goal.

We can only guide you but you have to work hard.

This is the responsibility of teachers to guide students towards the field they really enjoy.

If you face failure then try to find out the reason behind it, be courageous and work hard. Hard work never goes waste, it always pays off.

You may start slow but you need to concentrate on your target. Tortoise always wins the race.

(Source : Internet)