I am very happy and honoured to receive this opportunity, to talk with young boys and girls.

I was born in 20th century, just before second world war. Then , there was Korean war, Kenya emergency, India’s partition, civil war of China, Africa and war in Arab areas. Millions of people suffered because of these wars.

I observed that there was great achievements in different fields in 20th century. But that also became Century of War.

Therefore, new generation of 21’st century, you are the basis of our hopes. You will create this century, The century of Peace. No more blood sheds, each individual will be happy.

Peace will not come from sky, because violence is our creation. Peace depends on us.

You should have ‘will Power’ to face conflict without using violence, but through dialogue. This century should be century of dialogue. Dialogue is the only way to solve conflict.

A world without conflict is unrealistic. We human beings have different intelligence, abilities, hopes, expectations, ideas and interests. It is obvious that conflict will be there. Today, we have limited natural resources, which will develop conflict. We should challenge these conflicts without using force, but through dialogue.

In order to carry dialogue, we need to be determined. Determination is based on compassion. We should simply respect others right and interest.

We need a compassionate heart and wisdom to get inner peace.

Today everything is interdependent, from nation to nation to continent to continent, all are heavily interdependent. Today, no nation or people is our enemy, rather part of ourself. Therefore, destruction of enemy is actually destruction of our own self.

Using violence is meaningless. In ancient times, defeat of your enemy was your victory. But today it is destruction of your neighbour and yourself.

Today, the concept of war is outdated. Theory of interdependency with developing holistic view can bring world peace.

A compassionate mind with wisdom can bring peace in a individual’s mind. That peace will be extended to his family, community, leadership, politicians and businessmen. People from these kind of society will be different. This is the way to world peace.

Modern education concentrates only on external materialistic development. Education institutions should also take responsibility of moral values.

Complete elimination of destruction is impossible. But we should not let anger and hatred disturb our inner peace.

Our smart intelligence is helping hatred, instead of helping compassion. It must be utilised to grow compassion.

Anger and hatred could destroy your inner peace of mind. It can make you loose your sleep, digestion, appetite and physical strength. Only you will suffer with constant anger.

Hatred is something that only deserves to be thrown away in dustbin.

One with unbiased compassion at infinite level will certainly have peaceful mind even in difficult situation.

Some countries do not have any army. All their resources are used for education and making life better. Our aim should be to De- Militarise the world.

You yourself should be peaceful. And when you reach that peace of mind. You should extend that like shawring stones in pond.