Motivational Speech of Indian President Mr. Ram Nath Kovind on the eve of 69th Republic Day 26th January, 2018


Key Points

Today is the day to cherish the great efforts and sacrifices made by our freedom fighters. Today is the day to salute our demoractic values.

Every citizen of India is a piller of our demoractic system. I give my best wishes on Republic Day to each and every Army Man, Farmer, Nurse, Teacher, Scientist, Sanitation Worker, Engineer, Senior Citizen, Mother, Missile Technologist, Tribesman and each and every child.

Our freedom fighters sacrificed their everything for independence. They also gave us gift of constitution and democracy for social change.

The lessons we learnt from past are still relevant to us in every field. They inspire us for development of our nation.

Government can make law and policies for women but those will be effective only if family and society treat them at par with man.

Forward looking nation can only build by youth with progressive thinking. More than 60% of our citizens are below age of 35 years. Our all hopes lies in them.

We need to work for better education system to make our young generation capable to compete at global level. Malnutrition of children is our one of the biggest challenge.

Altruistic nation is build by altruistic citizens. To help others is our moral value. We are always ready to help others selflessly. It is whether to donate blood or to give up entitlement so that it could be subsidised for others in need.

We need to work for development of a better nation & need to improve lives of our Farmers, Army Men and Police Men. We need to work on sustainable development goals to eliminate poverty.

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